If you thought Pinterest was just a place to find recipes and fine-tune wedding planning details, think again.with the end 431 million users Come to Pinterest every month for inspiration, Pinterest is an effective platform for building your audience and showing your products to potential customers who are ready to buy.

according to a HubSpot Blog Survey Of 310 marketing professionals, 39% said Pinterest generates a high return on investment.

With an effective Pinterest strategy, you can generate organic web traffic, create targeted ad campaigns to reach your ideal buyers, and sell directly from the platform. Get inspired by these brands that are getting huge results with Pinterest.


  1. IKEA
  2. IT Cosmetics
  3. Jonas Paul glasses
  4. Michaels
  5. first pure
  6. Maven
  7. Samsung
  8. ocean
  9. Lavender
  10. Gold
  11. good trade

The 11 Best Brands on Pinterest


What we like: IKEA integrates its lead quiz and Pinterest referral innovations.

Company on Pinterest: IKEA

IKEA is a globally recognized brand with countless product options and configurations. Shopping for new furniture and homewares can be an overwhelming experience, and IKEA is using creative Pinterest marketing to reduce customer overwhelm.

Potential customers can choose IKEA move Take the quiz to unlock the best IKEA items for their home. At the end of the quiz, users will get a Pinterest board of their favorite IKEA products, and can then pin the option to their personal board for inspiration, or shop directly through Pinterest when they’re ready to buy.

IKEA's Pinterest Style Quiz

This approach works because many customers turn to Pinterest for decorating ideas and keeping potential product discoveries in one place. The integration of product recommendations and pre-populated Pinterest boards is creative and addresses a real need for customers looking to simplify the furniture buying process.

2. IT Cosmetics

What we like: Savvy keyword targeting.

Company on Pinterest: IT Cosmetics

According to Pinterest, 91% of beauty searches There are no brands on the platform. This means that when users enter beauty-related keywords into a search, they are not searching for a specific brand. After learning of this statistic, IT Cosmetics implemented a keyword-first Pinterest strategy to reach users searching for CC cream on the platform.

This strategy gives the brand the opportunity to be found by users who are interested in learning more about CC creams and other cosmetics but are not yet loyal to any particular brand.

IT Cosmetics Pinterest Idea Pins for keywords CC ​​cream

Going through the IT Cosmetics Pinterest account, optimized a few pins, which can be found in CC Cream related. The brand’s Pinterest content showcases its products in action through tutorial-based videos, so users can see how the product works in real-time. This approach helped IT Cosmetics expand its organic presence on Pinterest and acquire new customers.

3. Jonas Paul glasses

What we like: Clear ideal customer identification.

Company on Pinterest: Jonas Paul Eyewear

Eyewear brand Jonas Paul creates affordable, stylish frames for kids and teens. Knowing that the ideal potential client for the brand is parents looking for glasses for their kids, Jonas Paul creates organic and paid Pinterest content specifically for parents.

Implementing this strategy helped the brand increase web traffic from Pinterest, resulting in higher order value than web visitors from other channels.

4. Michaels

What we like: Use of seasonal posts and creative pins.

Company on Pinterest: Michaels

Pinterest is a great place to find inspiration for your next creative project, so it makes sense that craft store Michaels excels on the platform.

The Michaels Pinterest account has a variety of beautiful search-driven posts that align with what users search for each season. Content pinned to Michaels’ Pinterest account often includes videos of seasonal craft projects that link directly to items that can be purchased from Michaels.

The brand also runs a keyword-focused holiday campaign targeting users searching for terms related to items that can be performed with the store’s products.In addition to driving online conversions, Michaels’ Pinterest efforts also In-store traffic increased by 8%.

5. first pure

What we like: Educational content that nurtures new customers.

Companies on Pinterest: Originally Pure

Primally Pure is a natural beauty brand that makes non-toxic deodorants and body care products. The brand’s Pinterest account has been one of the main drivers of its growth.

On Pinterest, the Prially Pure account focuses on holistic lifestyle education and attracts users who want to learn more about the potential side effects of skincare and traditional product options. Many pins return to company blogs with in-depth articles on a variety of topics that a brand’s ideal customers would be interested in, and this approach to inbound marketing is an effective way to build trust and educate your audience.

6. Maven

What we like: Video demonstrations of various Mayvenn products.

Company on Pinterest: Mayvenn

Mayvenn sells affordable hair extensions and related products to hairstylists and salon owners. With this ideal client in mind, Mayvenn’s Pinterest content features various tutorial-based posts showing stylists how they can use Mayvenn’s products on clients. In addition to tutorials, Mayvenn also shares hair inspiration-related pins that are easy to search.

The brand also showcases full styling photos of its products, so users can see exactly what the potential hairstyle they want to create will look like.

7. Samsung

What we like: Ideal product content.

Company on Pinterest: Samsung

Samsung is a global brand that makes a range of products, but on Pinterest, the brand’s appliance account really shines.

Appliances and home inspiration are top search topics on Pinterest, and Samsung has created an impressive brand account that creates beautiful images front and center of its products. Always at the forefront of Pinterest’s latest features, the brand uses videos and creative Pins to show how its products work to users who are looking for a Pin to help them create their dream home.

The Samsung Home Pinterest account also has boards related to key home-related search topics like “how to clean” and “kitchen ideas.” The content on these boards is composed of organic and user-generated pins that subtly showcase Samsung’s products.

8. ocean

What we like: A cohesive brand identity and Pinterest-exclusive products.

Company on Pinterest: La Mer

Luxury skincare brand La Mer is known for its high-end products, which are often considered celebrity favorites. The brand utilizes Pinterest as a key part of its marketing strategy.

Not only are the visuals on La Mer’s account cohesive, but the brand has also found creative ways to generate new business through Pinterest. La Mer launched a video ad campaign to showcase the benefits of its products. Users who participate in the ad receive product samples to increase engagement and customer reviews.

In addition to advertising strategies and sampling campaigns, La Mer has created a collection of products available exclusively through Pinterest, enticing users who discovered the brand through Pinterest to make purchases not found anywhere else.

9. Lavender

What we like: Natural videos showcase the products the company is using.

Company on Pinterest: Lavender

Lavendaire is a personal development brand that sells periodicals and apparel. Lavendaire Pinterest accounts organically receive 3 million monthly views to drive traffic to branded products and other content channels.

One specific area where Lavendaire has made a splash on Pinterest is through the creation of Idea Pins. The Idea Pins feature is Pinterest’s main focus areasand the Lavendaire brand frequently shares new creative pins that showcase the company’s diary products.

Since journaling is a high-traffic search term on Pinterest, the pins shared by Lavendaire are optimized to appear in journal-related search results, helping Pinterest users find and connect with brands and communities.

10. Gold

What we like: Colorful visuals and recipe-based content.

Company on Pinterest: Golde

Healthy superfood brand Golde has an impressive Pinterest account that showcases its product line in a number of ways. The account’s video posts are beautifully shot and feature Golde products used in recipes and tutorials.

In each of the brand’s educational and recipe videos, the pin links directly to product features, helping the brand drive sales for users who are looking for recipe inspiration and new creative ways to use products like matcha and cocoa.

11. good trade

What we like: Organic traffic generation.

Businesses on Pinterest: Good Trade

The Good Trade is an online publication covering topics related to sustainable development and slow living. The company’s Pinterest account has nearly 10 million monthly organic pageviews, an impressive feat.

Although The Good Trade doesn’t currently run Pinterest ads, the brand creates pins for all of its articles, which generate traffic back to its website.

good trade pins

The brand relies on keywords and hashtags to create pins that can be found through search, and has built a highly engaged audience on Pinterest to convert into readers.

If your business isn’t already on Pinterest, now is the perfect time to start. Whether you have an e-commerce business, a brick-and-mortar store, or your content is your product – people on Pinterest are likely to search for what you have to offer.

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