We also love Àuda.B’s Coral Sand ($18), a super smooth and chip resistant product flaming Orange-pink, it feels like you’re hiding a wild little secret in your shoes.

3. Pears

Don’t let anyone tell you that green or yellow — or in this case, green-yellow or chartreuse — isn’t flattering to wear on your toes.

OPI’s Pear-adise Cove ($11) color is so fun, don’t worry about what other people think. Plus, if they’re smart, they’ll look at your feet and think, “Wow, that’s the cutest pedicure color. I’m going to copy this IRL influencer right away.” Slightly more vibrant Lights Lacquer in Now & Later ($11) leans into sour apple territory, but still has that weird but lovely vibe of its softer counterpart.

4. Tan

A rich brown with red undertones is neutral yet bold, which is why we love Tulum Beach ($9) from Nails Inc’s Caught in the Nude collection. Its warmth exudes a sun-kissed skin vibe—even if your feet are fully sunscreened.

Orly’s Parcs & Parasols ($10) is a bit rosy, but still a warm and wonderful brown that complements every imaginable flip-flop or slide you’re likely to find this summer.

5. Bruvender

Yes blue fat man one word? no, should it? Absolutely. That’s how we describe one of the prettiest shades you can wear on your toes: a lavender with enough blue to make you look cool, but not too much blue you’d call periwinkle .

Sundays Light and Vivid Color L.05 ($18) is begging to be the signature pedicure shade for anyone who loves bright pastels. Morgan Taylor’s “Take Me To Your Tribe” ($10) is a bit darker, but my non-men’s dark color—it still has a dusty, muted feel, just with a little extra richness.

6. 80s Prom Dress Pink

Whether you’ve experienced it in person, or just seen it in photos, it’s instantly recognizable: the distinctly ’80s shade of magenta covered so many ball gowns in sequined form.

Deborah Lippmann’s Gel Lab Pro ($20) in my shot is next-best, and subtle — at least compared to full-blown formal wear. It’s translucent, so if you want your toenails to feel like ball beauties, be sure to add two or three coats of this metallic shade. Smith & Cult’s Wonderland Palace ($18) is a slightly whimsical iridescent, but still irresistible, purplish-pink that feels like a subtle take on Barbie’s go-to shade.

7. Almost white

creamy-white? eggshell? Whatever it is, it’s almost white and it always looks great. Simple and eye-catching, this creamy shade isn’t quite as blushing as a cool pure white, and it reads more neutral and suits all skin tones.