This The latest Honda Civic sedan Already at the dealership, the hatchback will be launched soon-so when can we expect the sporty Civic Si model to arrive?According to leaked Honda internal documents, the wait will not be long Appear on, Which shows that Si will pay close attention to the new hatches this fall.

According to the time outlined in the leak, the 2022 Honda Civic Si will arrive at the dealership in October, one month later 2022 Civic HatchbackThe timing of the new Civic Type R (the most powerful 11th generation Civic variant) is not included in the file.

Why wait for Civic Si? For beginners, It will provide manual transmissionThe new Civic sedan only supports autonomous driving; Honda said it will continue to provide three-pedal options for Civic hatchback, Si and Type R models. This makes the new Si may only be available as a hatchback, this move will make it more closely linked with the Type R above it in the lineup. Previously, Si was offered as a sedan or a coupe, but considering the transmission limitations of the former and the death of the latter due to the 11th-generation Civic redesign, the body style of the hatchback seems to be doomed.

We also don’t have detailed information about the Si engine, although like the regular Civic, it may inherit its power system from the 10th generation model, albeit with some extra power. Look for a turbocharged 1.5-liter four-cylinder engine, again in conjunction with a six-speed manual transmission, and drive the front wheels through a limited-slip differential. However, we will find out near October. Buckle in.

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