In midsummer, you may need to inject new intermediate books. If so, please keep reading. You will find 13 new books covering various types of topics, including realism, magical realism, and fantasy.

13 new intermediate novels in July 2022

Skyborn Sparrow Rise Author: Jessica Khoury (coming in August)
Ellie is an orphaned sparrow girl. She wants to be a warrior, not a farmer like a sparrow. She escaped from the orphanage so that she could participate in a competition where she could compete for a coveted spot at the Cavaliers Training School. During her journey, she traveled with a group of abandoned children and thieves trying to survive. Their friendship and adventure began to make her open her eyes to see who is truly respectable and heroic, and who is not. She also learned that the stolen gem was a grotto eye with powerful healing powers. One of my favorite books so far, this fantasy adventure has a real, brave protagonist and complicated companions, plus the themes of magic, growth and secrets, so many secrets…(If Studio Ghibli is looking for another movie project, I vote for Adapt this book series! )

Boy everywhere
By AM Dassu
Actual / Immigration/Immigration
Ingenious writing takes us into Sami’s modern Syrian life experience, experiencing a violent and torn modern life, his family suddenly fled the country, bad travel conditions, detention in the UK, and his staying with his hateful relatives Together. We can feel his emotions at every step of the journey-from wanting to play video games and playing football to worrying about overturning on a crowded boat in the sea, to because his mother and sister were in the mall when they were bombed. Blame yourself for the mall. When sharing his experience, we are related to Sami, because he is just an ordinary kid, like any kid who reads this book, and feels heartbroken for everything he has experienced for safety.

By Reem Faruqi
Actual / Immigration / poetry
Nurah’s family moved from Pakistan to Georgia in the United States. She is very upset about her new outsider status, which includes everything from accents to clothes to brown skin. She made a friend, which made her feel more comfortable. At the same time, her brother who is good at swimming suddenly withdraws after being violently attacked by a bully. In the process of adapting to a new life, Noura learned to speak up for others including her brother, to have confidence in her own beliefs, and to value her own way of being, which means ignoring the opinions of others.This is an A beautiful growth story that addresses racism, bullying, friendship, belonging, family, culture and self-confidence.

The epic of Ahmed Aziz
r by Nina Hamza
Actual /Sick parents/ Main characteristics of Muslims / New school
Ahmed’s family moved from Hawaii to Minnesota to help his father treat a rare liver disease. In his new middle school, he was bullied endlessly by his neighbor Jack. In addition, even if he hates reading, his group needs Ahmed to do his part by reading the three designated books. He eventually did it and learned to think about books in a deeper way. When his father entered the intensive care unit and someone pretended to be Ahmed and threatened the school, things became more complicated. But Ahmed learned to stand up for himself and focus on the important things-his family.

Josephine to the sea
By Shakira Byrne
Magical Realism / Myth
If you like mythical adventures about growing up and family, don’t miss this mid-range novel set in the Caribbean. Josephine likes cricket and her father. Whenever her father brought a girlfriend home, she and her best friend conspired to get rid of them quickly. But a girlfriend, Marys, Josephine can’t get rid of it. Not only did Maris live with them, Josephine’s father also acted as if under a spell. (Hint: He is.) Josephine realizes that Maris is not a human, and she must take all risks in order to save her father.

About Bollywood
Author: Supriya Kelkar
Magical Realism
Zara couldn’t explain why she woke up one day in the magic of Filmi-everyone has their own soundtrack and expresses themselves, breaking out in the song… and dancing are completely normal! This is totally embarrassing because she can’t control her expressive dance figures-they just appear unexpectedly. In addition, no one remembers that life was once different. In the process of exploring this new world, Zara learned the importance of feeling her emotions and expressing her thoughts—especially for her parents. Could this be the way to dispel magic? An interesting and fascinating story with important information.
**Get ready for author Supriya Kelkar’s journey from Bollywood screenwriter to children’s book author in her article,”From Bollywood to books“.

Project kick-off: eating bugs
Authors: Heather Alexander with Laura DAsaro and Rose Wang
Actual / Entrepreneur’s child / Friendship
For their entrepreneurship course, Hallie and Jaye are not friends, they paired up a big project. Choosing an idea is difficult, but Jaye’s idea wins; until it is stolen by her former best friend. Therefore, at the last moment, the girls proposed Hallie’s idea-edible crickets. When they dealt with their personal situations at home and with friends, the two used scientific methods and teamwork to research a successful product, and finally accidentally discovered crushed crickets as protein powder in biscuits. A delightful story about friendship, cooperation, entrepreneurship and family.

The best nerd ever
Authors: James Patterson and Chris Grabenstein
Actual / ghost / Friendship
Finn was knocked out of the road by a van and died. So began the story of his new life as a ghost-he wanted to figure out who drove him off the road and why!When he wandered around the town, he met another ghost-The missing girl. Readers will quickly browse through an interesting premise, humorous and mysterious intermediate story about friendship and making the most of your environment.

Marvel’s anxiety made the school feel impossible—especially after freezing on stage during an activity that required the whole class to participate. On the way home from school, she found a dirty, trash-eating goat being teased by a group of boys. Surprised by his newfound bravery, he yelled at the boys and brought home the fainting goat named Bart. Her parents reluctantly allowed Marvel to keep the butter, but asked her to find the owner. When they were together, Marvel felt that the noise in her head was reduced and she relied on Butter as her emotional support animal. But when Bart’s master claimed her, Marvel broke down completely. Her grief of losing butter helped her find support in group therapy. She found new coping skills from the time she spent with Butter, and got a complete and perfect ending.
**Be sure to read Victoria Piontek’s article,”Animals teach me how to manage anxiety“.

Too bright to see
Kyle Lukoff
Reality/ gender identity/ ghost
This is the summer vacation after the death of Bug’s beloved uncle. But his ghost seemed to haunt the house, and only Bouguer didn’t know why. Bug’s best friend Moira focuses more on cosmetics and clothes that Bug is not interested in. As the spooky experience continued, Bug noticed that these messages focused on finding yourself, and Bug realized that he thought he was a boy, not a girl. Narrated in the first person, Bug’s character arc shows an adult, entering gender, and experience.

Marion Dane Bauer
Reality/family relationship
Ben went to visit the mother who abandoned him and his father when Ben was three years old, hoping she could see him well enough and come back. He relies on his dog Sunshine for emotional support and finds comfort and security in their friendship. Ben’s mother lives on an isolated island, where she allows Ben to range freely. This scared Ben, but he wanted to prove himself to his mother. During his exploration, Ben lost his way and was angry because his mother didn’t notice. He didn’t understand why his mother left, or why she didn’t care about being with him. In the end, this is a heartbreaking story about the complex relationship between a broken mother and a wounded son.
**Don’t miss Marion Dane Bauer’s beautiful and wise article,”Painful and sad novels deepen our humanity“.

Secret Myna
Judith Eagle, by Jo Rioux
Readers, don’t miss this heart-warming mystery about a lonely orphan girl whose uncle ruthlessly abandoned her.secondHe sneaked back to her uncle’s dilapidated manor, where she met a new friend, Peter, who had just arrived there. They take care of themselves together and play with their new country friends. Then, they discovered a ballet performance, which allowed them to uncover the true story of Clara’s mother, a rising ballet star, who passed away mysteriously. As friends explored, more than one sinister conspiracy was revealed-all family secrets were revealed.

Blue everywhere
Author: Joanne Rose Masler Fritz
Actual / Poetic novel
When Maddie’s older, environmentalist brother left his college campus with only a backpack, her dysfunctional family dynamics were magnified, and she tried to figure out what happened to her brother. McGrady feels better to count and play oboe compulsively while looking for clues-this is how she finds out what happened to her brother. This real poetic novel about family, growth, environmental issues, and music is an interesting story, and readers will benefit a lot from it.

July 2022 13 new books for intermediate children

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