Get your child ready for potty training with a good book. (But my kids also love potty dolls and potty parties. We do it all, including nude time!)

Most kids are ready for potty training around age 2, but many aren’t ready until age 3. Experts recommend waiting until your child is interested and showing signs of readiness, including knowing when they have to go, undress, follow directions, and stay dry for two hours. Therefore, potty training age is when the child is ready.

Children’s toilet training books

Potty Power
Author: Hello! Lucky, Sabrina Moyle, drawn by Eunice Moyle
Get 1st and 2nd help from Super Pooper and Whiz Kid. Fun and fun!

Children's toilet training books
Leslie Patricelli
An adorable toddler needs to go to the toilet but wonders where to go – in a diaper? Do not! How about in the potty! ?

Children's toilet training books
underwear book
Todd Parr
Helpful and silly tips will encourage your kids to hug their underwear, especially those who are potty trained.

potty for me
by Karen Katz
Narrated by a little girl who recounts how she wears diapers at night. Then, her mother bought her a potty. Sometimes she has accidents, but that’s okay. She sat on the potty all day trying and ended up peeing on the potty.

Children's toilet training books
by Jane Haney
Bear goes on a hysterical adventure in his underwear, which makes his parents angry. Rhyming, hilarious text pairs perfectly with comic, expressive illustrations. Potty trained kids will be able to understand this story about a little bear whose underwear is *fun*.

potty music
by Guido van Genechten
A whimsical musical adventure about animals using potties… interesting A song effect similar to a potty but an actual instrument. Each page has a note to press and play music. This will crash your child!

Poo Song Eric Litwin, illustrated by Claudia Boldt
rhyme, cute, funny – Especially for potty trained kids.

Children's toilet training books
Potty time for chicks
by Janet Trasler
Stupid chicks, the potty isn’t for splashing, it’s not for toilet paper, it’s not for playing with towels, it’s for tinkling!

where do you poop?
by Agnese Baruzzi
In this rhyming and page-pulling book, you’ll read all about where and when kittens, birds, hippos, wolves, and mice poop, just to name a few. I also love how fun and playful it is.

Clayton Parker really really really needs to pee
Drawing by Cinco Paul, Drawing by Gladys Jose
Funny and kind, Clayton Parker is on a field trip to the zoo at school. But, before they left school, he forgot to go to the bathroom – he really needed to find one, but the first one was closed. As he looked around for the bathroom, his bladder was about to burst.

Goldilocks and three potty
by Leigh Hodgkinson
Goldilocks wants to wear big girl underwear, but first, she needs to find a potty that’s just right. Which one will she choose?

Time to pee!
by Mo Williams
My kids and I love this book when they are potty training – and just to read aloud anytime. A group of helpful mice holding signs, learn to listen to your body when you urinate — and go to the bathroom. dear illustration.

Children's toilet training books

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