Indoor enthusiasts, Obviously your summer (again), because the outside world has turned into a hot desert before our eyes. To help you escape the heat, we found the most cost-effective gadgets on the weekend, such as wireless earplugs that can be isolated from the outside world, Switch games that can be played on the sofa, and mesh Wi-Fi routers that can improve your most important Internet.

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Technology Sale

Ultimate ear fit

Photo: Ultimate Ear

Click on the coupon to view the offer at checkout. If you can’t find the right earplugs for you, please use Ultimate Ears Fits (7/10 Wired recommendation) Give it a try. Using the companion app, they will be shaped according to the shape of your ears, and they will stay there even if you are exercising. They are comfortable, have a long battery life, and sound good.

Only a few months after its launch, OnePlus 9 Pro (8/10, wired recommendation) Has seen its first major discount.It is in our guide The best Android phone. This is not our first choice, but it is a great phone. You will get a pretty good camera, excellent performance, a smooth 120Hz AMOLED screen and wireless charging.If you don’t take too many photos, you will be satisfied with the cheaper OnePlus 9 Priced at 650 US dollars (minus 80 US dollars).

This is a great fitness tracker for runners and triathletes, and it’s rarely so cheap. It is equipped with apps for running, biking, skiing, mountaineering, hiking, paddling and golfing.Read our Guide to the best fitness trackers For other options.

Family and fitness specials

Corway Airmega 400

Photo: Coway

This deal is very good, we wrote this article Earlier this weekThe short story is that Coway Airmega is a good way to clean up large spaces, and it hasn’t been so cheap for nearly two years.It is also available At the same price at Walmart. Read our The best air purifier guide More.

Have you been working on the sofa in the past year? Regardless of whether your office reopens, it is a good idea to put a desk at home to work.It is ergonomic, more suitable for you, and can also create a Designed for work, So you never confuse it with fun. WIRED review editor Julian Chokkattu owns this 62-inch desk And said it took a few minutes Set it up and have treated him reliably for over a year. Other sizes are also available.

need one New router? Orbi is one of our favorite mesh systems. It is simple to set up and can cover a lot of space (this 2-pack can cover up to 5,000 square feet).

This is from Adrienne So, WIRED deputy review editor Favorite robot vacuum cleaner. It has an automatic emptying trash can, can detect the dirty part of the carpet, and is powerful.

Game specials

Mario Kart 8 Deluxe Edition

Photo: Nintendo

This is a great deal for one of your must-have games Nintendo SwitchIf you subscribe to Nintendo Online, you can play with other people around the world, but when you sit on the couch with your friends, the most interesting thing is to curse them because they use the blue shell.

one of The newest member of the Zelda series, This game may even Improve your marriageIf you are married. The highly anticipated sequel will be released in 2022, so you better start playing now. Seriously, you may not be able to complete it on time.

This is a small discount, but this includes two different games. If you are a lover of everything in the mushroom kingdom, then it is essential.We even have one A guide to the most romantic dating locations Super Mario 3D World.

Camera sale

Panasonic Lumix S5

Photo: Lumicks

Sony replaced the A7R II not once, but twice. Nevertheless, if you are after high megapixels and do not need the faster autofocus and other features of its successor, then this is one of the most cost-effective deals in mirrorless cameras. We haven’t seen this price lower, if you are a student (or have an .edu email address), you can save an extra $100.

This is beautiful every day camera bag. It is available in 17 liters and 21 liters. If you have a lot of equipment, I recommend the larger one.You should also catch Optional MTW camera plug-in This way you can separate and organize your equipment.

I still hope that one day manufacturers will start installing decent cameras in laptops, but until then, the best option is an external camera. This Logitech offers 1080p image quality and pan, tilt and zoom functions, which is great if you use a whiteboard for presentations.our The best webcam guide There are more options.

If you remember Your video game, Sometimes what you need is not video at all, but audio. A good microphone is important, but the audio recorder built into the camera usually introduces quite a bit of noise. This is why professionals use a separate tape recorder. If you are just starting to record audio, H1n is a good choice.

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