2022 restaurant trends

This year is the most difficult to figure out what the trend is, but by observing the catering industry around the world and talking with all our customers, we have been able to see what we think the major trend of 2022 will be in the catering industry.

In this episode, we can extract some insights to help you have a more profitable restaurant or start a new restaurant event. This year is more important than ever, and marketing will become very important.

We look at how COVID-19 affects the restaurant industry and how you can position yourself in 2022 to survive, rejuvenate and even thrive under the conditions experienced by most restaurants in the world. This is a truly bad year.

1. Covid-19 and its huge economic impact on your area

I have been helping with Covid 19 in Victoria. We have been doing some work to support the community, especially the municipal districts. When you really go deep into these market areas, you will find that there are big differences in the suburbs of each suburb. From a marketing perspective, language, the communities they form, socioeconomic influence, and the work they do are all important factors. These are the foundations of your marketing plan.

It is important to remember that people who work in the government have been working at home for nearly 9 months. They cannot travel, eat out, or participate in activities, so they have a lot of disposable money and are very keen to go out to spend. You have created opportunities.

2. Recruit and retain outstanding employees

This will be something that the winner will spend quite a bit of time to succeed. There are a lot of amazing people looking for work now, so make sure that your restaurant is hiring good staff.

3. Psychological impact

In Victoria, before Covid, few people wore masks until they were enforced. Even though we don’t need to wear masks, some people still wear them. This is because it has had a profound psychological impact on so many people. Learn how the landscape changes and how it affects people’s willingness to buy food from your restaurant for takeout and delivery. There are many nuances you need to consider to understand what has changed and what your customers are looking for. Our third episode of restaurant trends in 2022 will cover this in more detail.

4. The big restaurant restarts

Some things will change and will gradually return to normal. Some things will last for months, some things will last for years, and some things will change fundamentally forever, especially when you look back at history. The change we see in the economy is that a large number of people lose their jobs or cannot get the income they deserve. The number of people who can’t go out means they have more disposable income, but the most important thing is a deep psychological impact on everyone who has experienced this. All people have an influence. You need to take care of yourself to take care of your team so that your team can take care of your customers.

The biggest restaurant trend in 2022 will be market adjustments in response to COVID-19.

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