Whether you are a masturbation expert or a beginner exploring sexuality (à la Charlotte in Sex and the City): We all deserve to experience an exhilarating orgasm.What better way to achieve said orgasm than to invest in one of these best bunny vibrator Can money buy it? (For transparency, they are not all expensive. In fact, you can buy some of our favorite toys on Amazon and have your new one delivered to you within two days. )

Rabbit vibrators, for those unfamiliar, are the love child of dildos and clitoral vibrators.They are designed to activate the vagina and Simultaneously stimulate the clitoris—specifically, an internal hot spot inside the vagina, commonly known as the G-spot or G-zone. Some bunny vibes even add a third arm to the anal play. Stimulating two (or more) nerve-dense body parts like a bunny vibrator is thought to increase the chances of a mixed orgasm, which is basically a two-in-one special orgasm.

While like most sex toys, bunny vibrators are great for solo use, there should be nothing stopping you from taking your partner for a ride.Sex therapists like Vanessa Marin would wholeheartedly agree that bringing a toy into a session is better satisfying Your Need – because sex is not a zero-sum game.

OK, yes, let’s talk about the elephant or the rabbit in the room. While some iterations of this toy category have a bunny-like face and bunny-ear-inspired appendix at the tip of the penetrating shaft, designed to stimulate your eternal love nuggets, there are plenty of bunny vibrators that are more subtle (and less animal-like) ) in appearance. We’ve taken the liberty of rounding up the 15 best bunny vibrators on the market — including those with ergonomic designs, silent motors, and even app-controlled vibrators for your hands-free fun.

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