Whether your sex life is fiery or looking a little bleak, best remote vibrator Can help with heating. These high-tech vibrators, thrusters, and erogenous zone stimulators give you a wall-scratching orgasm without a partner.but if you Do Wanting to add another person, these toys are a non-intimidating way to give your partner (or yourself) control of the bedroom, whether they’re near or far.

Toronto sexologist Dr. Jess O’Reilly says the remote-controlled vibrator is one of the most versatile sex toys on the market, with or without a partner. “Not only does the remote vibe allow you to weave porn through the day, but it often inspires you to flirt, tease, build anticipation and be more creative,” she says.

According to O’Reilly, like most sex toys, you can use these remote-controlled gadgets with orgasms on a variety of erogenous zones, even if they’re designed for specific parts of the body. “Clit panties can be used on the vulva, perineum, around the nipple, on the ball or up and down the shaft of the penis,” she says. That being said, if the toy is made for external use, don’t try to insert it into any of your or your partner’s holes – this could lead to injury and a depressing trip to the hospital.

If you want to try some wacky BDSM games, O’Reilly recommends taking turns controlling the remote. “You both have a chance to make fun and enjoy the thrill of anticipation,” she said. “With all the options for vibration patterns and intensities, you’ll always have something new to discover.”

O’Reilly also noted that these toys are sex game changers for long-distance couples, as many of them can be controlled via smartphone apps, Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. “With permission, you can let your lover connect to your toys from anywhere in the world,” she said.long distance sex anywhere? Yes, please.

Now, it’s time to fire up your sexual imagination—whether with a partner or while masturbating. Treat yourself to one (or some) of the best remote-controlled sex toys below.