In the last episode, we discussed the future Restaurant online ordering systemWe discussed how it can provide customers with a seamless buying experience and how it can bring value to food companies.

For this episode, we will browse the Martec stack in our circle.

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What is Matek?

There are many things you can do to promote your restaurant, and Martec (marketing technology) is crucial in this regard. Nowadays, technology is very helpful in how companies can simplify business operations. You can use a variety of tools to promote restaurant marketing activities. We will focus on free platforms that small businesses can take advantage of.

Content management system

One thing you need to build a strong online presence is a well-performing website, and WordPress can help you achieve this goal. This is a great tool to build your website without paying a lot of money to web developers.

WordPress It is one of the largest platforms available and can handle various complexities. There are plugins available to meet the needs of your website, run updates, and make it more versatile.

Search Engine Optimization

Marketing is not just about publishing content to be active online, you also need to develop strategies to avoid wasting time and resources. Jost It is your preferred tool to promote SEO activities. It provides you with data on which keywords perform well on Google. This tool will show you what people are looking for when they search for things related to your niche. With this information, you can highlight the solutions you provide for their needs. You can then use the best-performing keywords for your content so that people can discover your business faster. It uses a traffic light system to show you the performance of other websites, and you can use it to compare the performance of your page.

Network analysis service

After building your website, you must check its performance, and Google Analytics Provide you with all the information you need about page performance. It has a dashboard that can show the traffic to your website. You can even display real-time reports on the monitor to keep the entire team up to date. These detailed reports from Google Analytics can help you develop strategies for restaurant marketing content. It can give you a good understanding of the effectiveness of marketing activities. It will even show you the devices used by website visitors so that you can optimize your page for mobile, tablet, and desktop devices.

You can also use Google Search Console See how many clicks your website has, how many times you appear in search results, and how effective your keywords are. It also analyzes other aspects of your site’s performance, such as speed, because Google will provide better rankings for sites that load faster to provide the best experience for its users.

Another good tool that can be used for network analysis is Matomo (Previously Piwik). It provides more detailed information about your visitors. This tool can show the location, the browser they use, and the user’s activity on your website. All of this is at your fingertips, you can contact the visitor directly via email and have a clear understanding of what he or she is looking for.

E-commerce platform

As a restaurant, you need to provide seamless online ordering services for your customers.An open source e-commerce tool, such as Magento Yes you need to do this. It allows you to set up a flexible shopping cart system and manage the functions and content of your online store. This may involve a lot of work on your team, but once everything is set up, you will get a goal conversion.

Email automation

One of the biggest mistakes made by restaurants is not running enough email campaigns. This is important to promote your business. When you contact people on the network, this is not entirely spam. The initial reaction of your target market after receiving the offer is “what good is it for me”, so you must tell them how they use the service you provide.

Postman It is the best tool we can recommend to make your email campaign a success. It provides detailed reports on the open rate, click-through rate, and engagement of the emails you send.

These are some of the best tools you can try to promote your marketing efforts. We will introduce more useful tools for your restaurant in the next episode, so be sure to listen!

You don’t want to be the best restaurant no one has ever heard of.

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