Curly hair has many benefits. When it comes to curly hair, its uses are endless Haircut And hairstyle. On the other hand, curly hair also has its own personality, which can make some not-so-good hairstyle days. One day, your curly hair may be full of energy and volume, and the next day, it will look like a drooping mop. Don’t even let us begin to understand humidity, tangles and styling.

Thankfully, there is a solution to these curly hair problems that don’t even need shampoo. Tell us: Curl refreshing sprayThe hairstylist in Los Angeles said: “Usually, if you want to restore your curly hair to its original shape, or keep your frizz away from you, you have to remoisturize and redesign your curly hair.” Michael DunasHowever, if you have a curly hair refreshing spray on hand, he pointed out that you can make your coils look clear and frizz-free with a few sprays.

In addition to restoring curls, many new stylers on the market can smooth the surface of the hair without affecting the shape of the hair. Curly pattern. Cosmetic Chemist Jiang Wang Suggest looking for Products containing emollients Like oil, it can prevent hair from drying out. “When the hair is dry, it tends to get moisture from the environment, which can cause the hair to blur,” she said. Another useful ingredient is a film former, which is a polymer (synthetic or starch-based) that helps shape every hair.

In order to make the most of the hair on the second or third day, the hair stylist Angela Soto — Owner of New York City Baja Studio — It is recommended to first spray the hair around the face with a fresh spray and spray water around the top of the head. “Water will reactivate your product, but the curls should be wet enough that you can twist and reshape them,” Soto said.

From there, an extra Curls or styling cream Can help increase clarity and gloss, or you can spray on barber To increase moisture. “Girls with tight curly hair from the roots can also be used Cover clip And gently pull the root of the hair, slide the hairpin in, and then fix it,” Soto added. This helps soften frizz and tightness, and makes the appearance around the hairline more refreshing.

As a finishing touch, Soto recommends gently spraying the ends of your hair with a freshening spray again before spreading or drying the curls. For the diffuser route, Blow dry Segmented No Touch the curls.Use a pointed tip Diffuser Move the hair to target the heat burst inside each part. In both cases, let the hair dry about 80%, then shake out the twisted hair, remove any hairpins, and let the hair finish drying on its own.

Now that you know how to use them, here are 19 curly hair freshening sprays recommended by experts to help your curly hair recover. Washing day.

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