Have you been unable to count how many times you have Dyed your hair Or you are Coloring For the first time, let’s take a moment to talk maintain. There is nothing worse than getting a perfect shade in a salon-or at home, If you are adventurous-just find that the hue of your dreams starts to fade and looks dull after a few washes.

The problem is that your dyeing work must be extremely careful, and there are many factors influencing fading.Be aware of exposure to High mineral water,overuse Thermal styling tools (And hot shower temperature), even UV. “The sun will bleach everything, including your hair,” the colorist in St. Louis Caitlin Ford Tell Lure“If you are going out for a long time, please wear a hat to protect your scalp and hair,” she added.We also like to spray a little Hair sunscreen To ensure that we have covered all our bases.

Although sulfates are often overlooked-for example, according to Luremy own Clean the best beauty seal –they are not must The colors are better preserved because they are made. Randy Schueller, cosmetic chemist Told before Lure Water is as destructive as any cleaning agent. “When your hair gets wet, it will swell, the hair shaft will open, and some colors will ooze out,” said Schuler. He tested the comparison of sulfate with other surfactants and found nothing in terms of fading. Significant difference.This is why many experts recommend Shampoo less And spray Dry hair lotion Buy extra time for you.

However, the case against sulfates is still very effective-especially if you want to proceed with caution. They are not only irritating to the skin, but also able to “peel the skin”. [scalp] Its natural oil “a little bit and also it is good, Anand Giria, A board-certified dermatologist in Rutherford, New Jersey explained earlier Lure. in other words? Sulfate is a very slippery slope, causing dryness and flaking.

Among the many experts, colorists in New York City Nikki Ferrara Is a fan of the brand Sulfate-free products, As she said, they will “extend the shelf life of hair color and prevent fading.” Los Angeles colorist and Redken brand ambassador Matt Retz Revealed before Using sulphate-free shampoo also keeps hair as hydrated as possible.Joining the chorus is cosmetic chemist Ron Robinson, who Tell Lure Sulfates can dry out the hair, which is especially destructive after dyeing. If they slip in accidentally, they can also cause your eyes to burn, which is a generally annoying experience.

This means your most Bet, in terms of maintaining color, it is to replace your regular shampoo and conditioner with specially formulated shampoo and conditioner Dyed hair(Please do not clarify the shampoo.) Here, we ask professionals to help us find the best Shampoo and conditioner Extend your gorgeous shades there.

Editor’s note: All prices reflect the total cost of shampoo and conditioner. Although most of the items listed below are sold in sets, some are not and may link to individual products or search pages.

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