We hope you are ready to see a lot of new Ford Mustang -Two Gates, Four Gates, Sasquatch and the Bund-coming and going in the next few months. However, the influx of off-road vehicles from Blue Oval is nothing new. In fact, 2022 new Bronco Yes Actually the sixth generation model line.

all of these Since 1966 Use barebones machine design to deal with jeep CJ, Boy Scouts International and Toyota Acronym.But we will fast forward a few decades and take a closer look at the fourth and fifth generations Mustang See what they can offer buyers who are looking for something retro but still modern and relatively easy to achieve.

Ford Move Bronco to a full-scale platform, which shares many foundations with the F series Pickup trucks As early as 1978. The packaging underwent some modernizations in 1980, and then again in 1987. The fourth-generation Bronco was produced until 1991, when it was replaced by the final full-size model, which ran until 1996. Just in case you want to know, The most notorious Ford Mustang in the world is an all-white version in 1993.

Why is a Ford Mustang?

Now that the nameplate has been resurrected through the new sixth generation, people’s interest in Mustang is high. But in fact, Bronco has long been welcomed by a large number of buyers, who value the advantages of a full-size SUV but do not need the daily practicality of a four-door body. Although still a large vehicle, the Bronco is more maneuverable than the pickup truck with which it shares the driving device. The removable hard top covering the rear half of the vehicle makes it suitable for various road and off-road pranks.

Although no one would mistake the old-fashioned Bronco for a practical everyday driver similar to today, it does have a certain charm. The rumble V8 power hood, sturdy body frame design, block shape and true four-wheel drive provide some buyers with a series of compelling features.

A long-term model without major changes means there is no shortage of large Broncos in the country, although they may not sell many. This also means that parts are easy to obtain, and a simple power transmission system is easy to repair and keep running. There is no denying that the old Mustang is a handsome guy. Look at the 1987 edition at the bottom left and Eddie Bauer from the last year of 1996 at the bottom right.

Which Ford Mustang to choose?

First, you need to figure out which generation you want. We will choose the fourth or fifth generation model. Choosing between the two may depend on how much you care about the detachable top and safety features. The top disassembly of the fourth-generation model launched from 1987 to 1991 was fairly simple, because it did not equip the rear passengers with a three-point seat belt. The belts of the 1991-1996 models are safer and more modern, which means it is more troublesome to take off the belt.

As far as safety equipment is concerned, there is not much.Anti-lock brake function on the rear wheel brake In 1987, it was replaced by an appropriate four-wheel ABS system in 1993.In the second year, the driver got a airbag.

Various power systems have been offered over the years, but you will find that most Mustangs sold have 5.0 to 5.8 liter V8 engines and automatic transmissions. The final purchase consideration will be around the level of decoration, options and pricing. An unrusted fourth-generation or fifth-generation Bronco may cost at least $20,000 (and possibly more in most cases) and show sufficient mileage on the odometer. Low-mileage models are very rare and can make more money, sometimes even twice as much as less popular models, which represents the Mustang’s status as a just-maturing collectible.

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What else to consider?

Today, the market for full-size two-door SUVs is not large, but this is not always the case.Full Size Chevrolet Blazer, GMC Jimmy/Yukon Territory with dodge Ramcharger was a contemporary competitor to the large Bronco at the time, and they were becoming more and more popular, and it was harder to find products in good condition.

Beyond obvious competition, Jeep CJ with Wrangler The line provides buyers with better off-road capabilities, but at the expense of comfort and spaciousness. Any number of old two-door short-bed pickup trucks may attract buyers who are also adventurous.

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