The Angels obviously take criticism of the pitchers at heart.

During the 2021 MLB draft, Los Angeles won 20 draft picks in the 20th round of the draft. After each choice, the Angels will select a pitcher. They did not choose a position player.

2021 Major League Baseball Draft: Full results of all 20 rounds

For a long time, Los Angeles has struggled to find a strong starting pitcher, and this problem reached a critical point in 2021. There are two of the best baseball players in the team’s lineup-American League MVP leader Masahira Otani and three-time MVP Mike Trout-but the pitch is not enough to make the Angels a contender for the playoffs.

This is why they ranked fourth with a score of 45-44 and are 9 games behind in the American League West. They just didn’t get a high-quality start from most of their employees.Even Otani The starting pitcher for this year’s American League All-Star Game, Only started 13 games, and cast 67 innings this year.

The Angels have a team self-report rate of 4.89 this season. This ranks fifth in the MLB, second only to the Twins, Royals, Diamondbacks and Orioles. Their pitchers have gone 357 batsmen (ranked third in the league) and no MLB team has less than one of them.

Needless to say, if Los Angeles wants to build a competitor, it must completely reform its pitchers. Therefore, it makes sense to invest heavily in pitching. At least some of the 20 pitcher prospects selected by the Angels should be successful. They have increased the number, and now they can classify potential customers in order to find quality.

The Angels are the third team in the past two years to spend their draft picks exclusively on pitchers. The Marlins and the White Sox are the other two, and both did so during the 2020 MLB draft.

Of course, there are only five rounds in the 2020 draft. As a result, the Marlins got six new pitcher prospects, and the White Sox finally got five in the Jane Draft.

The Angels’ strategy is certainly bolder, but it may be crazy enough.


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