In the late 1990s, Van The manufacturer begins to install Passenger aircraft type flip video display In their car, in theory, adults sitting in the front seats are allowed to calm down the children through long video entertainment. Road tripIn today’s age of tablets and smartphones, this idea may seem weird now, but these things were cutting edge decades ago. General Motors, already Do business with Warner Bros. by letting Wile E. Coyote participate in the Pontiac Grand Prix, Decided to continue to provide A special Warner Bros. brand Chevrolet startup minivan For the 1999 model year. WB Edition Venture’s sales continued until 2003, and I managed to Self-service facilities in the Denver area.

I spent years searching for one of the trucks, and then found two in a week: today’s year 01 and A ’02 A dozen miles to the north. When it rains, Warner Bros. Ventures, Heavy rain.

Someone pried Bugs Bunny badge At this point, but the shape of the badge is unmistakable.

Another logo of WB Edition Venture is the flip flat screen with special Bugs sticker. It was only 7 inches diagonally, but it was still quite advanced in 2001.

no What was so advanced at the time was the embedded VHS video tape player.This DVD format It’s been five years since 2001, when the importance of VHS 8-track tape is 1985, But WB Edition Venture buyer Can choose between VHS and DVDThe original purchaser of this van chose the old VHS.

You can plug in other video sources, including game consoles. Since Venture is equipped with four sets of wireless earphones for the rear-seat passengers, the front-seat passengers can still listen to their music or enjoy the blissful silence when the children hijack the driver of the car. Cartel Cruiser and Stallion behind.If you think the VHS equipment and screen of this van can Excellent car parts speakers, We are on the same channel.

Just like before Old silhouette And contemporary Pontiac Aztec, Risky buyers can get a built-in air compressor for inflatable pool toys and basketballs.

The Warner Bros. Edition comes with Looney Tunes tapes or CDs, children’s pajamas, beach towels, 35mm film camera with photo albums, and membership in the VentureTainment club (whatever it is).

When i was in high school The first Detroit minivan appeared, So I have never experienced a serious minivan childhood (my family There is a full-size Chevrolet Sportvan Beauville, The road noise is so loud that even the loudest child’s voice is drowned out before reaching the front seat). However, this drilling rig must have been very good during the long trip in 2001.

Even without a video screen, Venture can add extra distance between an adult and ankle bite.

pressure? Not at all (need to pause for some suspicion).

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