Bloomington, Indiana – I have stepped on the gas pedal for the 100th time in a day. I pressed my toes slightly harder to pass the full throttle brake built into the stroke. My slight annoyance with this tiny inhibitor of flat feet application surfaced again. This is an BMW M3 Competition, damn it. If I put my foot down, it means I want it all.

Before the road turned to the sky, I lifted my foot slightly, then lifted and fell back to a tight left-handed.Stiff with one brush brake The pedal is all necessary to scrub speed and get Michelin pilot The Sport 4S tires passed the curve without protest. The road climbed higher and higher, and I kept moving the steering wheel left and right in the endless twists and turns. Only in these particularly narrow and compact roads, I hope to have a smaller, lighter car, maybe even a car with less power. Turning on this engine and using all 7,200 rpm in the special technical part of the road is like pressing an extra acceleration button untimely in a video game. You can’t use it at all.

However, I have a lot of Have the opportunity to use all 503 horsepower and 479 pound-feet of torque here 2022 BMW M3 competition: Indiana Nürburgring Speedway. do not laugh. This is legal. Due to the large number of pork tenderloin restaurants in the area, locals even named it Schweinefiletring. Well, you can laugh at that.

This long, patchwork, winding and interesting road is buried in southern Indiana. Draw them together on the map, and the final shape resembles the Nürburgring—seriously, check it out. The winding sidewalk is lined with green forests, just like the Nürburgring. Altitude changes are constant and often sudden, just like the Nurburgring. Most of them are in remote places with no people around, just like the Nurburgring. This set of roads is the best road you can find in the Midwest. There is no one. Hawking Mountain in Ohio is great, but I assure you that the pork tenderloin ring is better.

If it weren’t for travel restrictions and caution about Covid-19, it’s likely that someone was Automatic blog Will push new M3 On the actual Nürburgring North Circuit in Germany.Pack up and set off in four hours Road trip Getting to Indiana doesn’t sound so romantic, but think about it: Schweinefiletring is 175 miles long and has many detours along the way. The Nürburgring in Germany is only 12.9 miles long, and the brochure does not mention the pork restaurant on the side of the track.

When leaving Bloomington, Indiana (the most logical starting point along the way), things got a bit risky. The temperature hovers around 50 degrees in the morning, which means that for those succulent summer tires, the friction is small and the grip is difficult to obtain. The overnight rain added a little moisture to the sidewalk, and it was more scary than fun to rush across the road at high speed. BMWThe traction control system helps solve the problem by controlling the big slide, but no matter how gentle I am with the throttle, the wide rear end will dance.

After a quick stop for breakfast at the OoeyGooey Cinnamon Rolls and So Much More restaurant in Nashville, Indiana, the sun is fully up and M3 is a happy guy.

In the first 45 minutes of turning, if there is an M3 game Optional xDrive all-wheel drive, But for the rest of the day, I am very happy to be able to use a suitable rear-wheel drive version.Regarding the topic of purity, it’s time to discuss the eight-speed automatic transmission, which is paired specifically with the M3 and M3’s more powerful and more torque competing models M4. From the first shift, it is clear that this traditional torque converter gearbox provided by ZF is not as lively or attractive as the dual-clutch seven-speed gearbox it replaces. Even though shifting in automatic mode is seamless and uninterrupted, the experience of striking the paddle is not as clear as before.In other words, I also think this is the best version of the amazing ZF eight-speed in any performance Luxury cars Nowadays. The difference is the shift feel, not necessarily the shift speed and overall performance.

For the rest of the day, I mainly wandered between gears three, four, and five. The first and second are basically just rotation cycles. Only in the third, the 285-knot-wide rear tire can begin to apply all 479 pound-feet of torque to the road.Starting from 35 mph, the M3 race’s rally is almost the same as To the Porsche 911 TurboIts effective acceleration will make you question BMW’s 3.8 seconds 0-60 mph time. Only 503 horsepower? really? This Non-competitive M4 It feels too fast, but the extra 73 pound-feet of torque took such a hit in this M3 game.

Where the torque arrives is another important difference between the base model and the competition model. The peak torque range of 2,750-5,500 rpm in the competition looked relatively narrow on paper, but it was not felt. The thrust is very early and remains cruel throughout the rev band. At the same time, in the basic M3/M4, the wider peak torque range-2,650-6,130 rpm-is closer to the feel of a naturally aspirated engine, and the acceleration gradually increases as the speed increases. More attractive? Absolutely. But there is no doubt that Competition’s engine allows you to move forward at any speed more efficiently.

Once the tires heat up, I will enter the rhythm. When the exhaust pipe made a hoarse scream, the rolling farmland roared past. It echoes through the part of the forest where the leaves press against the road. They are amazing in autumn, but it is almost as satisfying to see everything so fresh and come back to life after winter.A sign says “High motorcycle Crash zone. “I’m not surprised. This 25-mile stretch is full of blind roads leading to narrow corners, and it doesn’t seem to be slack.

I am playing M3, but the occasional sudden braking zone keeps reminding me M2 It will be more interesting. M3 Competition now weighs 3,890 pounds.This may be 455 pounds lighter than today M5, But it is only 122 pounds lighter than the E60 M5 11 years ago. That’s not a small car-it even has a V10. So there is no doubt that today’s M3 is more like yesterday’s M5 than ever before, but despite the extra weight and expanded size, it is still a lightweight and interesting M3.Today’s epic 617 horsepower M5 competition You can throw it anywhere, but it’s more like a luxury station wagon-a completely different experience from this M3.

In the hot afternoon, I stepped through the corner pedal more bravely, and the M3 responded with beautiful predictability. Some of my complaints about the steering weighting of the M4 fade away as I drive longer. All the independent strings—throttle, steering, traction control—are at work, making fast driving the M3 an overall experience. These electrical systems are perfectly synchronized together in a way that provides a deeper connection to the car. Input equals instant and precise output, and this car can chat better than any other recent BMW car. The chassis tilts in and out of the sweeper gracefully. Leave a small wavy line of black rubber at the end of the narrower corner. In terms of brake pressure modulation and pedal feel, even the BB setting does not make me feel cold.

About 100 miles into the route, I stopped to check the Williams Covered Bridge, thinking I would stop for a break. But to my surprise, I don’t need one. Some performance cars exhaust you, make you sweat and take a mental blow; this one doesn’t. It’s easy and it’s fun. Even the ride was enjoyable-the five-hour commute to and from Michigan was easy and enjoyable. The standard seat is comfortable and has a large enough cushion for this kind of driving. There is no lack of modern luxury goods, as it should be in the Almighty M3. The loud roar of tires is the only way to prevent passengers from dozing off.

After I leave the last particularly exciting road, I will stop at the Salt Creek Brewery. They serve beer in the old garage, which is undoubtedly the case for many car enthusiasts who make pilgrimages to Schweinefiletring every year, where hundreds of people ran the same route as I had just now. This is a nice place and it fits perfectly with the German theme days I have so far. After buying a few cans, I was back on the road.

There is also a 30-mile section that is not included in the official Nürburgring Ring Road, but I have been here for enough time and I know it is not to be missed. State Highway 43 — Think of it as Nordschleife-Plus. Many of the altitude changes here are so sudden, you would want GT3-like downforce to keep the car stuck to the crest. M3 is obliged to keep planting and friendly. There are miles of open space around, but the road is full of sharp 90-degree angles, hairpins, and open sections in the middle. They just beg you to step on the accelerator. It is very suitable for M3. All the best qualities of BMW are displayed here, just as I think they will appear in the Nurburgring in Germany. The lack of civilization has left some uncivilized space for M3. Its mission is as if it was not just wandering the red line in the past eight hours.In the meantime, there will definitely be a more exciting M3 version G20 The first generation-CS, and possibly GTS-but it is hard to imagine the need for higher speed and performance on the road than the speed and performance already provided by the game.

I ended the hot streak of the day. Rolling back to Bloomington feels a bit like rolling back to the paddock after a hard run-in. I went out and took a closer look at the nose I had been staring at all day while taking pictures. It will take time, dark blue paint work, and deliberation, but I now fully support the new M3/M4 grille. The vertical kidneys work better on the more upright and gorgeous M3 sedan than on the stylish M4 coupe, while the rest of the car features flared hips and gorgeous intricate racing wheel designs. I’m sure that the day I sit in the M3 driver’s seat at the Nurburgring in Indiana will make anyone a complete M3 believer. It’s worth a try, and the M3 game is also worth its admission fee.

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