In this episode Automatic blog podcast, Main editor Greg Best Joined by road test editor Zach Palmer And news editor Joel Stokesdale. This week is 2022 Chicago Auto Show It’s very special, so the trio kicked off the curtain by discussing all the major events in the exhibition.There are only a few this year, and the two largest of them are 2022 Jeep Compass with US spec 2022 Volkswagen GTI and Golf R. After that, they enter Feel of performance, Which is the same as any other Auto show We have been there before.You can read Written record here, But we went deeper in the podcast, discussing some of the important cars on display and the atmosphere of the show. In the end, this week is not about “spending my money”, but about what kind of pizza is best: Chicago style, Detroit style or New York style-we ate a lot of pizza in Chicago.

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Automatic Blog Podcast #687

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  • Chicago Auto Show announced
  • interesting New car In chicago
  • Which pizza style is best?


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