Finding value at the quarterback position during the draft provides a major advantage. In the early and mid drafts of the draft, it is difficult to pass players with good skills, but in single quarterback leagues, quarterbacks tend to starve you to death, or be a top perimeter player or running back. You can find good value in these positions in the next few rounds, but it is easier to find a legitimate sleeper or breakthrough candidate in QB. Even if you prefer to draft quarterbacks early, lowering the ranking of potential steals after the start of the season can also be rewarded in the form of trades.

Last year, Justin Herbert was the perfect photo of a sleeper quarterback. In the single quarterback re-draft league, he is often lost and can only end up with the top 10 options for that position.

2021 PPR Fantasy Ranking:
Quarterback | Run back | Wide receiver | Tight tail | Digital/ST | Kicker | Top 200

Speaking of undrafted players, if you are not in a deep league, be sure to pay attention to some sleepers in the early season. At least some of the exemptions are available online, so if they have a hot start, be prepared for a raid.

2021 standard fantasy ranking:
Quarterback | Run back | Wide receiver | Tight tail | Digital/ST | Kicker | Top 200

This year’s roster has six players locked in the quarterback battle. If they flee their jobs, they will all have great benefits.

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2021 Fantasy Football QB Sleeper: Potential quarterback breakthroughs, steals

Tua Tagovailoa, dolphin. After a sluggish rookie season, people quickly abandoned Tua, but remember that he suffered a serious hip injury in his final year in Alabama. Although his rookie season was not what many people had hoped for, he did show his passing position and accuracy. The Dolphins went out and brought him two catchers who are good at pulling depth, Jaylen Waddle and Will Fuller V. They can play Tua’s advantage better than DeVante Parker or Preston Williams. Tua already has experience in striding Waddle, and they should start where they stopped last time. Mike Gesicki and Hunter Long are not just options available on the tight end. In short, Tua is not ready to succeed in 2020. He did it in 21 years, and his performance easily surpassed ADP.

2021 Fantasy Auction Value (Standard and PPR):
Quarterback | Run back | Wide receiver | Tight tail | Digital/ST | Kicker | comprehensive

Baker Mayfield, Browns. Mayfield trailed Cam Newton in QB17 last season. It’s not that Mayfield has no weapons or is not a promising young passer; he just doesn’t get the volume. He was within range of Ryan Tannehill’s pass attempts. However, the Browns’ lineup is not lacking in firepower, and Baker has shown the ability to play big games. PlayerProfiler.com Baker was ranked second in last season’s “throwing” (requiring “extraordinary skill and athleticism” or “pitching performed at critical moments”). This cannot be ignored. With household names like OBJ and Jarvis Landry, the Browns’ offense always has the potential to explode. Behind the elite offensive line, Baker should often sit comfortably in his pocket. In addition, the Browns’ offense will lead the league in red zone attempts, resulting in some easy pass touchdowns. He is accurate, and he is not afraid to throw big shots. Any increase in throughput could mean a great year for Mayfield.

2021 Fantasy Sleeper:
Run back | Wide receiver | Tight tail | Digital/ST | Each group

Daniel Jones, Giants. Jones will definitely move things in the right direction. Saquon Barkley is back and Kenny Golladay has joined the team. No matter what you think of KaDarius Toney, he will help the offense to transfer the ball. If Danny Dimes can get the ball into the hands of his organizers, he can enjoy a fantastic season, especially if he averages more than 30 yards per game again. With his low price in the draft, he is a low-risk, high-return player-if you play quarterback early, he is the best choice for the bench.

2021 Fantasy Layer and Draft Strategy:
Quarterback | Run back | Wide receiver | Tight tail | Digital/ST

James Winston/Tyson Hill, Saint. With his newly discovered vision, Winston has the upper limit of the top 10 QB. Assuming he wins the quarterback battle with Taysom Hill, then Sean Payton’s offense led by a gunner will have a good effect. If he limits his turnovers, he can easily see 5,000 yard passes and nearly 40 touchdowns in a 17-game season. (Although Michael Thomas’ ankle injury casts a shadow over optimism.) Even in the disastrous 30-INT season with the Buccaneers in 2019, Winston achieved QB3 results. Of course, Winston is easy to lose the starting position, and Hill may also become the top ten candidate, just like when he started last year, thanks to his rushing. Winston will be a player with a higher ranking and a higher return, but if Hill finally starts, he may be more stable.

2021 Fantasy Conformance Rating:
Quarterback | Run back | Wide receiver | Tight tail

Drew Rock, Broncos. Locke, like Winston, is another gunner who “goes with the wind”, but he hasn’t had any success in the past, even if he has a solid weapon by his side. He only completed 57.3% of his passes in 2020 and did not show much hope. But as we know, even crazier things have happened in fantasy football. Is Josh Allen becoming an elite passer in 2020 a wake-up call? Locke is far from rising as quickly as Allen, but Pat Schumer’s offense may reverse the situation in another year. Schumer is not a sexy name, but he did lead the 2017 Vikings offense, creating a QB7 season from Kirk Cousins. With the weapons around Locke, he must have the potential to do similar things.

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Jimmy Gallopolo/Trey Lance, 49ers. The Jimmy G era is coming to an end in San Francisco, but when will it end? In the year when the 49ers reached the Super Bowl, Jimmy G ended in QB14. Now with more weapons, if he finally becomes a full-time starter for the 49ers this year, his upper limit is even higher. But that’s okay. According to FantasyPros, Garoppolo’s average draft position (ADP) is QB33. We can see the situation of Alex Smith/Patrick Mahoms. Lance sat for a year and was trained as a future starter. If this is the case, Jimmy G will definitely crush that ADP. On the other hand, if he is appointed as the starter at the beginning of the season, Lance has a huge advantage. His rapid ascent presents a solid fantasy floor. At NDSU, Lance completed a total of 48 touchdowns, rushing for more than 1,100 yards, and one interception. This is not a typo. This shows that he will not often allow himself to withdraw from the game. He left the board before Gallopolo, and if you draft, this may be a wise move, depending on the form of your league.

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Justin Fields, the bear. Fields’ performance may far exceed his QB19 ADP. He has the tools to become an expert in statistics, and his low ranking indicates the unknown. The mobile rookie quarterback has a solid foundation, but his success will depend on how long the Bears coaching staff pretends that Andy Dalton is worth staying there. If Fields wins the job at the beginning of the season, he may be the best person on this list.

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