Guessing the title almost killed the suspense, but it made this feat equally impressive. Ford Mustang The suitcase can swallow all six bags of our luggage test, which many cars and SUVs cannot do. Did I squash a little more than usual? Yes it is. Did I scrape my fingers off my fingers on some plastic trim to make sure it happened? Of course there is! Nevertheless, I was so close that I made a special exception from the usually highly scientific nature of this highly scientific test.

According to the official, Mustang The coupe has 13.5 cubic feet of space ( convertible car have 2 Fewer cubes).Even on paper, this is great for a sports coupe like Mustang, even if Challenger There is a ridiculous 16.2 cubic foot suitcase.It’s more than A Toyota CamryIt is speculated that the Mustang suitcase I tested will be smaller because it contains a large subwoofer unit on the right side (bottom right).

Like every luggage test I do, I used two medium-sized wheeled suitcases (26 inches long, 16 inches wide, 11 inches deep) that need to be checked in at the airport, and two wheeled suitcases (24 length x 15 width x 10 deep), and a smaller wheel that can be easily placed (2​​3 long x 15 wide x 10 deep). I also included my wife’s beautiful overnight bag, just for finishing (21L x 12W x 12D)

And, again, they all fit! Is the soft side bag in the upper left corner very squashed? Yes it is. The same goes for the blue bag on the front.

The fancy bags are also squashed, but only those on the top are just for fancy. The available volume of the bag is still suitable.

In addition, there is space left! For example, for shoes or small food bags.

I should also point out that the back seat of the Mustang is more suitable for storing things than people, so there is greater potential here. The back seat is roughly the size of a medium-sized dog bed, and I can confirm that my two 20-pound dogs like to sit in the back seat of the previous Mustang test car.

For some comparisons of Mustang’s feats, please note that this result is better than Lexus with BMW 4 Series Convertible (Probably the closest analog to date).It can also hold more than BMW 3 Series Sedan, Polaris 2, This Cadillac CT4 with CT5, Audi Q3 with Range Rover Aurora.

This is the real key: it can fit with the same number Mustang Mach-E. Now it’s electrification cross Is it exponentially easier to load? Oh yes, there is more left. Nevertheless, both Mustangs can hold the same six bags. How about that.

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