2022 Goodwood Festival of Speed It’s over, we have summarized all the highlights for you here.For those who missed Live action Over the weekend, the film festival collects a large number of clips into YouTube videos. You can see the most important one at the top of this article-Sunday Shootout-we have collected a lot of other content that you can watch below.

However, at the top, we will make the show easier to find. Unfortunately, several hay bale accidents did occur throughout the weekend. First, we crashed from a large gun battle on Sunday involving NASCAR CamaroThis time it happened at the end of the climb because Camaro tried to use only a few inches of road.

Next, we have New Alpina B8 Gran Coupe. This crash is very clear.Too fast when entering a corner caused some severe understeer, which eventually resulted in a new BMWThe front part is crushed into hay bales.all airbag It is extinguished, so this is not a slight impact.

The last crash we want to emphasize is Jaguar The moment of XJR-12D. You can see that the driver lost the back end by the wall, luckily he missed this before realizing he was on the hay bale. This is not a slight collision, but it is better than hitting the wall with your nose first.

Now that we have completed the crash, take a look at this McLaren Elva Going up the mountain, almost rummaged. It’s raining. This car has no roof or windshield, and more than 800 horsepower is transmitted through the rear wheels. This time the uphill is probably the most interesting, because the driver has been on the verge of fear.

If you want to see less dramatic and more beautiful runs, check out the daily summary below.

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