Dinges. Moon landing. Long ball. Big flies. Tate. No matter what you call them, these people will deliver them.

A year later, the home run derby came back on Monday night, and it is likely that it will be the first time in many years: Denver’s thin air will allow some zaftig home run numbers.

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The field will also be up to this task: Shohei Ohtani, Joey Gallo and 2019 Dingo Championship Pete Alonso (Pete Alonso) will be the headlines of this year’s event, and many people hope that Ohtani will eventually make it to the final.

Of course, there are some potential candidates: hometown player Trevor Storey has the opportunity to enter his familiar territory in the first round against Gallo, and track and field first baseman Matt Olsen has the opportunity Into the finals, too.

Expect a mile-high fly in a mile-high city. Here is how the field will match in the 2021 home run derby.

Home run derby bracket 2021

This year’s event has more than a few major games.


  • Masahira Otani of the Angels (1) vs. Juan Soto of the Nationals (8)
  • Salvador Perez of the Royals (4) vs. Pete Alonso of the Mets (5)


  • Wanderers’ Joey Gallo (2) vs. Rocky Mountain’s Trevor Story (7)
  • Matt Olsen of the track team (3) vs. Tremancini of the Orioles (6)

Home run derby prediction

Joe Rivera (@JoeRiveraSN): it’s time? Incomplete. They are the top two seeds for a reason, and Joey Gallo will defeat Masahira Otani in one of the better homer derbys in recent memory in the final. winner: Gallo

Jacob Kamenk (@JacobCamenker): Joey Gallo (Joey Gallo) will cruise on the edge of his bracket, and Otani Shohei vs. Pete Alonso (Pete Alonso) will be an epic decisive battle for the right to participate in the final. Defending Derby champion Alonso appeared, but did not perform well in the final round against Rangers’ heavy hitters. winner: Gallo

Jason Foster (@ByJasonFoster): This event will give us what we want-repeat, monster clanging-it will end exactly as we expected-Shohei Ohtani won the crown and further established himself as a baseball super mutant, May be an alien. Look for at least a 500-plus home run in the thin air of Denver. winner: Otani

Ryan Fagan (@RyanFagan): Joey Gallo has such a raw, relaxed power that he might win this derby-even if Denver has so many great heavy hitters-without having to put in his best efforts. winner: Gallo

Home run derby odds

On Monday morning, Ohtani opened as a favorite of the 2021 home run derby and was healthy.

  • Shohei Otani: +240
  • Joey Gallo: +420
  • Pete Alonso: +450
  • Matt Olsen: +600
  • Juan Soto: +800
  • Trevor’s story: +800
  • Salvador Perez: +1500
  • Tremancini: +1500


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