If i had to Buy a new car Today this 2022 Honda Civic Type R The limited edition will be the one in my driveway.Close to six digits Sports car Even more expensive Supercar, There is no more interesting performance car than this screaming yellow Honda Hatchback. Limit the choice to a car under $50,000 and it will win effortlessly.

Honda made this limited edition model-only 600 units sold in the U.S.-as a gift to the 10th generation Civic Type R. It is built on Updated and improved 2020 models, Making this version the most centralized and dial-in R type.Think of it as a Porsche GT models.Or a BMW CS.Or a AMG Black series. Our idea is to take an already excellent performance car, and then make it more extreme.

However, this idea is easy to mess up.take 2019 BMW M4 CS for example. In order to reduce weight, BMW eliminated important parts such as armrests and traditional door pulls.This just makes the car annoying every day, and the performance advantage exceeds M4 The competition is trivial. The Type R limited edition retains most of the material enjoyment while reducing weight (50 pounds in total) where the driving experience is enhanced. For example, 28 pounds of soundproofing material has been removed, which amplifies the engine and exhaust noise in the cabin compared to the ordinary R type. Yes, it increases road and tire noise, but the negative impact in this area is much smaller for the car, where you have to feel integrated with the road.

The new BBS forged wheels reduce the unsprung weight by another 18 pounds. Honda did not quote a faster 0-60 mph time-the 2.0-liter turbocharged four-cylinder engine continues to produce the same 306 horsepower and 295 pound-feet of torque as the regular R-type-but this R-type feels just fine Like it has an extra spring.Sticky Michelin pilot Sports cup 2 Tires also contribute. You can’t get these tires with a regular Type R, but I can definitely say that you need them. The car’s connection effect is better in first and second gears-it has poor spin. In addition, the grip at the corners is amazing.

The convenience items removed by Honda will not be missed. The trunk lid is missing, and the rear heater pipe is missing. The rear wiper has also been removed. I drove in heavy rain and the lack of a rear wiper is not a problem-the water can be drained from the rear window effectively. In Europe, the limited edition also lost the infotainment system and air conditioning to further reduce weight, but I am glad that Honda did not go this way in the US edition.

All the components of the limited edition make this car a pleasure to drive. From the moment you get in the car, this is a course on perfect ergonomics. Falling into the huge supporting red seat almost the same as the new M3/M4 sports seat, it instantly feels like home. The seats can fit almost every inch of your body, but their cushions are soft and very comfortable. Press the light but communicable clutch, lightly press the start button, and then begin to make a slight buzzing sound. There is nothing special about this engine note at idle—unfortunately, unlike the previous VTEC Honda, it also extends to the tachometer.

The real tactile fun begins when you put the gear lever into gear for the first time. Apart from Porsche, no manual transmission can compare with the satisfying feel of this R-type transmission. When you move it through the six forward gears, you can feel and hear the lovely mechanism. Honda has been in this state for decades, and it is still a pure transformation of happiness.

The small stubby knob is well positioned, making every shift on the arm natural and easy. The large amount of adjustability of the steering wheel makes it a breeze to put it in the correct position. The visibility in the front is very good, and the large wings behind will not affect the visibility in the rear too much. It is these simple elements that make Honda so right and make the Type R so pleasant to drive.

Regardless of the driving mode, the retuned limited edition bogie adds more weight and lovely consistency to the steering feel. Honda will not over-accelerate the steering at low speeds like many modern steering systems. This will send a message from the first rotation of the wheels, indicating that the car is serious. Driving the first 100 feet of this car makes an impression as big as any other place. Damn, this is an honor for anyone who likes pure driving basics.

When you go out, your smile will only become wider. The counterweight and adjustment of this electric power steering system are reminiscent of the era when the steering feel is still a rich resource.it is natural In all respects, it is as good as 2022.Whether you’re going around the city or slamming the accelerator around the corner, it’s just correct.

When you are driving on your favorite trail, even the best sports car, this Type R can keep up.A kind Corvette or Porsche 911 Will be pulled apart in a straight position, but the Type R limited edition will not lose the beat in the corners. These Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2 tires provide so much grip that you can only fully explore the limits of their adhesion on the track. On the road, a limited slip differential and this sticky rubber will take you through corners with ease. I immediately learned to like it. Trust the car.Understeer Is not future.

Honda has retuned the adaptive shock absorber in the limited edition-it is even different from the shock absorber retuned in the 2020 update. Thankfully, Comfort Mode is still very comfortable. However, both Sport and +R push stiffness to levels not necessary for the track. This car drives very well in comfort mode, which is a good thing.

There is no high-speed VTEC song to sing, but the acceleration speed of this car has exceeded the limit of a front-wheel drive. Transmission of more power through the front wheels, even with Sport Cup 2 tires, you will get more wheel idling than acceleration. The complete lack of torque steering is still the highest achievement of this car. It is hard to imagine that Honda can do better in this regard with the 11th-generation Type R suspension.

If the R model has one major drawback, it is the engine sound.You get some turbo Whoosh whoosh There is also a good racket in the cabin, but it is not pretty. In addition, the updated model has increased pumping sound through the speakers in Sport and +R modes, which is simply creepy. There is no additional sound enhancement in comfort mode and it sounds very good. This is not a big problem because you don’t want to drive in those harder modes on the sad roads of our country, but when you are driving on the +R track, the extra noise can be annoying. When switching modes, I hardly noticed any difference in throttle mapping or steering force, making comfort the best choice for all driving.

All of the above is enough to park one of them in my driveway, but what brings the nail home is all the livability and special features of the Type R limited edition. It can cruise on the highway through adaptive cruise control and effective lane centering. It has an absolutely huge cargo area under the hatchback.The car is still Civic, So you can get all the details such as Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, a lot of center console storage space, and back seat space for a few friends.

The phoenix yellow paint also makes my Honda bugs itchy-I’ve always longed for an original Acura Integra Type R Phoenix Yellow.What is interesting is how to paint colour It can trigger such nostalgia, but Honda got incredibly correct by choosing this paint for the limited edition. All the blacked-out elements-roof, hood scoop, mirrors and badges-all set off the color very well. Unlike other exterior shapes of cars, the internal numbering plaque is quite elegant.

Considering the history of Type R, it may be difficult to find one of the 600 limited editions at a list price of $44,950. Dealer Increase the price, but if you do find one at the marked price, it is stealing. Throughout the entire generation, Type R can hardly go wrong, and the limited edition is a suitable gift. It is like a normal R type, but better. You know, it’s like the 911 GT3 is similar to the 911 Carrera, but better.

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