came back! It must be sharp.This 2022 Hyundai Elantra,we Simple sampling Last summer, I came back for a comprehensive evaluation. This completely redesigned compact car is now in its seventh generation and has entered a market that is almost hostile to small four-door sedans. American auto companies have completely abandoned them, Ford recent Replace its entrance with a truck. modernOn the other hand, due to its advanced technology, leading efficiency and (literally) sharp new styling, it is betting that its overhauled compact cars will have a better chance to stand out in the shrinking car market.

So, this is really not a problem Elantra Will keep people away know or Tucson Even that new one Maverick, But does it keep them away Civic or Sentras or Corolla or Jetta or Mazda 3s or Impreza Or, well, usually we would say “you get it”, but we have actually used up the entire list.

Hyundai chose to pursue corolla/Civic Model, Elantra providing gasoline, Hybrids And enthusiast variants, avoid MazdaThe premium wishes and SubaruStandard all-wheel drive.We will soon review the new 50 mpg Elantra hybrid, and eventually the 201 horsepower Elantra N-Line; and a Mature N-type with 275 horsepower It is also on the road, but it may be as early as 2022.

Today, we are focusing on our borrowed car, which is a limited edition model equipped with a standard 2.0-liter inline four-cylinder engine that produces 147 horsepower and 132 pound-feet. Torque paired with a modern modified CVT (hybrid, strangely, a version with a traditional automatic transmission). The fuel economy of the SE model is 33 mpg, 43 mpg and 37 mpg on the highway; SEL and Limited ratings are 31/41/35. In the 60-mile city/highway test cycle, our average fuel consumption was just over 38 miles per gallon.

To be sure, this basic engine is nothing exciting, but it is very typical for the compact market segment. Although we want more idle enthusiasm, especially in the default drive mode, it is enough for daily use. Setting it to “Sports” will help, but it will also exaggerate the rubber band feel that you sometimes use CVT to turn on/off the throttle.

Unlike other Elantra equipped with an independent rear suspension, the gasoline model uses a twist-beam rear suspension. Fortunately, the Elantra’s wheelbase is compact, so the twist beam setting is not a huge obstacle. Ride smoothly and comfortably, but do not exercise. Of course, if you are willing to do this, you can throw it in the corner, but you won’t get much feedback from the helm of Elantra.

Back to Michigan when the situation was not so sultry, we learned this in an exciting way. At that time, a piece of shadow ice in the middle of the highway curve caused the traction in all four corners to be instantly and completely lost, and the mechanical chain did not convey it. To. The lazy drift of the tail and the subsequent collision of the rubber on the concrete are the only signs that everything is wrong.

If this is a Sports car, This would be a damn criticism, but for a compact car that can actually drive autonomously, this is not a success or failure. When it comes to driving itself, Elantra’s technical suite is impressive. (By default) Highway driving assistance systems seem to be both effective and quite reliable.Its struggle is even longer than ours Volvo S60 When encountering damaged or worn road markings and construction areas. It can also be easily disabled with a thumb click, because the toggle button is right on the steering wheel.

Each ’21 Elantra also obtains forward collision warning through pedestrian and cyclist detection and automatic emergency situations brake, Lane keeping assist, automatic high beam and driver inattention warning system. In addition to the above road driving assistance functions, our Limited is also equipped with parking assist with automatic reverse braking, blind spot monitoring with emergency steering assist, rear intersection warning with automatic emergency braking, and adaptive cruise control (natural).Like other modern cars, these features all is well.

Last summer, when we came into contact with the late-stage development prototype, we performed quite a few checks on the Elantra’s cabin, but the final, fixed version was even more impressive. Of course, the mysterious power rune on the left side of the dashboard is still just a piece of plastic without any function, which is a bit silly for the handle of a commuter car, but the choice of materials and build quality are impressive. The fabric insert on the door panel is particularly good.

10.25 inch touch screen infotainment system hard and also. It is large, versatile, customizable and very intuitive to use. It also uses physical buttons for key functions, including system power, volume, and climate control (all the way to heated seats; unfortunately, the wheels are not treated in this way). It can also respond well to voice commands, adjust to the requested station compliantly, and find the requested destination (address or other) effortlessly.

In fact, we only have one real complaint. Unlike the basic 8-inch unit, this navigation-equipped system is not compatible with wireless Android Auto and Apple CarPlay. Although wired integration is fully supported, you must wait at least one or two years to get a larger screen; this is just a problem that the hardware that powers the 10.25-inch device does not support this feature. At the same time, the wireless charging dock can work perfectly, even for those who plan to plug in an Apple/Android connection, it is completely redundant. If nothing happens, this is very convenient for passengers.

All in all, the 2022 Elantra is a sturdy package with no obvious shortcomings for ordinary car buyers. Compared with the outgoing Elantra, is its improvement as big as the new one? Nissan Centra Is it getting old?Absolutely not, but this is more like an accusation of grief NissanThe compact product becomes.Is it more revolutionary than the new one Honda Civic? Of course, although we cannot say that it is better than its main competitor, the new Elantra is undoubtedly closer than before.

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