Only 100 of the 2022 KTM RC 8C were developed by the German motorcycle racing wizard Kramer and will be sold globally. Pre-orders for this lightweight track prototype will begin on July 22, but no pricing is mentioned.

The limited edition RC 8C is powered by KTM’s 899 cc LC8c parallel twin-cylinder engine with DOHC and four valves per cylinder. Although 128 horsepower and 101 Nm of torque may not sound much to riders accustomed to a 200-horsepower superbike, the RC 8C weighs only 140 kg and has a power-to-weight ratio close to 1:1.

As KTM said, RC 8C uses a custom-made, hand-made 25CrMo4 steel tube frame, “as close as possible to the factory race car-without the disadvantages of needing a professional racing team to maintain it.” With KTM RC16’s KTM MotoGP experience, RC 8C has A body similar to MotoGP made of Kevlar fiber-reinforced GRP and equipped with racing wings on the front cover.

Advanced WP suspension components are installed. The front end is supported by the WP Apex Pro 7543 inverted fork, and the rear is supported by the WP Apex Pro 7746 single shock absorber. It is fully adjustable and has independent high- and low-speed compression and rebound settings. Complementing the competition equipment is a pair of lightweight Dymag wheels paired with Pirelli SC1 racing shoes.

The Brembo 19 RCS Corsa Corta master cylinder derived from MotoGP controls the braking of the front wheels and powers a pair of Brembo Stylema calipers. The brake feel can be set to one of three modes-“Normal” for gradual bite points, “Sports” for shorter bite point intervals, and “Racing” for MotoGP-level braking response.

The air box has an air inlet specially developed for RC 8C, with a bifurcated air inlet and dual air filters. The ram air in the air inlet is guided to the air box located in the space where the fuel tank of the ordinary motorcycle is located. This means that the 16-liter fuel tank is now located in the seat unit, which itself is a self-supporting unit that helps to focus the center of mass of the RC8.

Data is the key to motorcycle racing. RC8 is equipped with AIM MXS 1.2 Race 5-inch TFT-LCD display. The freely configurable AIM dashboard is paired with AIM RaceStudio software at no additional cost, allowing RC8 drivers to record engine performance, ECU settings and lap timing in real time. The data can be used for analysis at the pits, including speed, position and other parameters on the track , Lap time and even throttle position, current RPM and gear, acceleration and deceleration.

RC 8C has built-in extensive adjustability, including adjustable headstock, 2 mm front fork offset, adjustable ride height and two-position seat height settings. The pedals can be adjusted within a range of 66 mm in three positions, while the handlebars can be adjusted for 30-degree sweep, 25 mm height adjustment and 30 mm width adjustment.

Of the 100 existing RC 8Cs, 25 buyers can choose to participate in a special Red Bull KTM Factory Racing test team event, where the RC 8C can compete with KTM MotoGP test drivers Dani Pedrosa and Mill Kallio in the Jerez race in Spain Ride along the road. This will be provided with the RC 8C racing package, which includes an additional set of Dymag wheels, additional brake discs, front and rear paddock supports, tire heaters and KTM racing carpets.


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