2021 BMW Motorcycle C400X

Now that it meets the Euro 5 emission standards, the 2021 BMW Motorrad C400X and C400GT scooters have entered the Malaysian market. C400X is priced at 44,500 ringgits and C400GT is priced at 48,500 ringgits. All prices are listed as on-road prices without insurance.

More improvements come in the form of a wire-controlled throttle, which BMW Motorrad calls “E-gas” to achieve idling stability, combined with a throttle bypass and turbulence system. Engine changes that meet emission regulations include improved catalytic converters, broadband oxygen sensors, cylinder head improvements, and modified wiring harnesses.

The C400s centrifugal clutch has also been modified to reduce the clutch and improve the response when the throttle is opened. When the clutch is re-engaged, the increased spring force combines with a slightly increased engine speed, while reducing tolerances to compress the distribution of engine speeds, thereby achieving better performance.

The power data of the C400 has not changed. This is a single-cylinder, liquid-cooled, four-valve, OHC mill, which outputs 34 horsepower at 7,500 rpm and 35 Nm torque at 6,000 rpm. The C400s automatic stability control system has also been modified to handle slippery roads, and the brake lever has now been calibrated to provide the same lever stroke and more feedback from the new dual front brake calipers.

2021 BMW Motorcycle C400GT

Now as standard equipment of BMW Connectivity, it, together with the BMW Connected app, allows the rider to access the functions on the C400. This includes arrow-based navigation and other features, and the keyless riding behavior provides additional convenience for the rider.

There is a 31-liter storage box under the seat, and the USB charging socket is connected to the standard 12-volt power socket in the previous generation C400. For the Malaysian market, C400GT is available in Black Storm Style Triple Black, Callisto Gray and Alpine White, while C400X only offers Black Storm Style Triple Black.

2021 BMW Motorrad C400X Malaysia

2021 BMW Motorrad C400GT Malaysia


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