Williamsport, Pennsylvania, is about to be packed with the best minor league teams in the country again.

The 16 best teams in the United States will start participating in the first Minor League World Series in nearly two years on August 19, as the 2020 edition was cancelled due to the coronavirus pandemic.

At the 73rd Little League World Series, Eastbank Little League from Louisiana defeated Pabao Little Little of Curaçao to win the championship. There is no international team this year, and the US team will win the championship for the third time in a row.

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Minor League World Series team

For the first time since 1975, only an American team competed for the title of the Minor League World Series. Since 2010, the United States has won the World Little League Championship four times, while Japan (five times) and South Korea (once) have won the remaining six times.

There will be the Hank Aaron Championship and Tom Seaver Championship, instead of an American bracket and another international team named after two Hall of Famer players who died last year.

The following are the American teams that will compete for the 2022 Junior League World Series championship.

Hank Aaron Championship Team

state team Place
Hawaii Honolulu Minor League Honolulu, Hawaii
Nebraska Hastings Minor League Baseball Hastings, Nebraska.
Michigan Taylor North Minor League Tyler, me.
Washington East Lake Little League Samamis, watts.
Connecticut Manchester Minor League Manchester, Connecticut
New Jersey Toms River East Minor League Toms River, New Jersey
Florida Martin County Northern Minor League Palm City, Florida
Texas Wiley Minor League Abilene, Texas

Tom Silver Championship Team

state team Place
Tennessee Norrenceville Minor League Norrenceville, Tennessee
New Hampshire North Manchester-Hookset Junior League Hookset, New Hampshire
Pennsylvania Upper Providence Minor League Oaks, Pennsylvania
Louisiana State Lafayette Minor League Lafayette, Los Angeles.
Ohio West Side Minor League Hamilton, Ohio
California Torrance Minor League Torrance, California
Oregon Lake Oswego Minor League Lake Oswego, Oregon.
South Dakota Sioux Falls Minor League Sioux Falls, SD

2022 Minor League World Series


You can download the complete PDF The complete 2022 Minor League World Series bracket is here.

Minor League World Series location

The Minor League World Series will return to Williamsport, Pennsylvania, and the game will be played at the Howard J. Ramard Stadium and the Minor League Volunteer Stadium. The former has been hosting games since 1959, while the latter was added in 2001 to help provide more space for games.

How old are the players in the Minor League World Series?

For the second consecutive World Majors Championship, the only players who will participate in the competition are 11 or 12 year old players.

In the past, players who had reached the age of 13 were eligible to participate in the World Junior Championships.

What is the LLWS pitch count limit?

Major League Baseball pitchers facing a starting workload usually take four to five days off, although some pitchers take shorter breaks when called up. This is not the case in the minor leagues. Pitchers are required to get different rest days based on the number of pitches thrown in the outing.

In addition, according to the regulations of the Junior League, 11-year-old and 12-year-old children cannot play more than 85 goals at a time. This is a step higher than the 75 courts for children aged 9 and 10 and the 10 courts below the 95 limit for children aged 13-16.

# Pitch off day
66-85 4
51-65 3
36-50 2
21-35 1
1-20 0

Minor League World Series venue size

  • 46 feet: Pitch to home plate
  • 60 feet: The length of the base path
  • 225 feet: Home plate to outfield fence

Both Howard J. Lamade Stadium and Little League Volunteer Stadium have the same size. The mound is 46 feet from the home plate, the basic path is 60 feet long, and any point in the outfield is checked in at 225 feet from the home plate.

The Major League Baseball Stadium features a mound 60 feet 6 inches from the plate, and the basic path is 90 feet long.

Who won LLWS in 2019?

Louisiana won its first Minor League World Series title in 2019, when the Eastbank Little Leaugue team from River Ridge defeated Pabao Little Little in Willemstad, Curaçao. After the U.S. bracket defeated the Maui minor league team from the Central and East of Hawaii, Eastbank advanced to the championship and beat Pabao 8-0 at the Howard J. Ramad Stadium.

This year, Louisiana will be represented by the Lafayette Minor League team.

List of past champions of the Minor League World Series

Taiwan occupies a dominant position on the stage of the World Junior League because it has won 17 championships. It is closely followed by Japan, which has won nine games. California has won seven championships-six from Southern California and one from Northern California.

year winner
1947 Williamsport, Pennsylvania
1948 Lock Haven, Pennsylvania
1949 Hammonton, New Jersey
1951 Stamford, Connecticut
In 1952 Norwalk, Connecticut
In 1953 Birmingham, Allah.
1954 Schenectady, New York
In 1955 Morrisville, Pennsylvania
1956 Roswell, New Mexico
1957 Monterrey, Mexico
In 1958 Monterrey, Mexico
In 1959 Hamtrak, Michigan
In 1960 Levittown, Pennsylvania
1961 El Cajon, California
1962 San Jose, California
1963 Granada Hills, California
1964 Staten Island, New York
1965 Windsor Locks, Connecticut
1966 Houston
1967 West Tokyo, Japan
1968 Wakayama, Osaka, Japan
1969 Taichung, Taiwan
In 1970 Wayne, New Jersey
1971 Tainan, Taiwan
1972 Taipei, Taiwan
1973 Tainan, Taiwan
1974 Kaohsiung, Taiwan
1975 Lakewood, New Jersey
1976 Chofu, Tokyo, Japan
1977 Kahosiung, Taiwan
1978 Pingtung, Taiwan
1979 Chiayi County, Taiwan
in 1980 Taiwan Hualian
1981 Taichung, Taiwan
1982 Kirkland, Washington.
1983 Marietta, Georgia
1984 Seoul, Korea
1985 Seoul, Korea
1986 Tainan, Taiwan
year 1987 Taiwan Hualian
1988 Taichung, Taiwan
in 1989 Trumbull, Connecticut
1990 Tainan County, Taiwan
year 1991 Taichung, Taiwan
1992 Long Beach, California
1993 Long Beach, California
1994 Maracaibo Venezuela
the year 1995 Tainan, Taiwan
year 1996 Kaohsiung, Taiwan
1997 Guadalupe, Mexico
1998 Toms River, New Jersey
Year 1999 Hirakata, Osaka, Japan
2001 Maracaibo Venezuela
year 2002 Valley Station, Kentucky.
Year 2003 Tokyo Musashi Fuchu
year 2004 Willemstad, Curacao
2005 Eva Beach, Hawaii
year 2006 Columbus, Georgia.
2007 Warner Robins, Georgia
Year 2008 Waipahu, Hawaii
Year 2009 Chula Vista, California
year 2010 Edogawa South, Tokyo
year 2011 Huntington Beach, California
2012 Tokyo Kitasuna, Tokyo
year 2013 Tokyo Musashi Fuchu
Year 2014 Seoul, Korea
2015 Tokyo Kitasuna, Tokyo
2016 Maine-Enderville, New York
2017 Tokyo Kitasuna, Tokyo
2018 Honolulu
2019 year He Ling, Lou.

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