There are all stars, and then only stars.

As the main content of the MLB All-Star Weekend, the 2021 All-Star Celebrity Softball Game will be held on Sunday afternoon and will be broadcast on the Monday night after the home run derby. For those who are willing to stay and watch some amateurs throw the ball into the dirt For those who did not have a toddler, their shoelaces were tied together.

However, not all of them lack athletic ability: in the five innings, there were some great men from Major League Baseball, and a group of very young, renewed celebrities added to the roster for this year’s game.

Although celebrities like WWE superstar The Miz return firmly, Kane Brown and Jojo Siva are just two players in this star-studded lineup who will play Sunday at Coors Field for the first time. The following is a list of stars who are expected to appear:

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Who is on the list of celebrity softball games in 2021?

This year’s list of players is definitely geared towards the younger generation: social media stars Noah Baker and Blake Gray, as well as Jojo Siva will appear.

Former MLB players CC Sabathia, Hunter Pence, Larry Walker and Vinny Castilla will also participate in the competition. Walker and Castile are former members of the Rocky Mountains, and they will once again participate in the Denver game.

name Rise to fame
Quawo musician
Jojo Siva Celebrity
Steve Aoki musician
Rose Butler actor
Noah Baker Social media star
Charles Melton actor
Residents Rapper, activist
Black gray Social media star
Miz WWE Sports Artist
Kane Brown musician
Caramo TV star
DK Metcalfe WR, Seattle Seahawks
JID musician
Derek White Guard, San Antonio Spurs
Anthony Mackay actor
Anuel AA musician
CC Sabathia Former Major League Baseball pitcher
Jenny Finch Softball Legend
Hunter Burns Former Major League Baseball outfielder
Larry Walker Baseball Hall of Fame member
Vinny Castilla Former Major League Baseball infielder
From Miller LB, Denver Broncos
Josh Richards Social media star
Jay Cortez musician
Wilbarton SF, Denver Nuggets
Philip Grubauer G, Colorado Avalanche
Chase Carter model
Jorge Masvidal UFC fighter
Brandon McManus K, Denver Broncos
Lauren Chamberlain Female softball player
Natasha Watley Olympic softball gold medalist

When is the 2021 All-Star Celebrity Softball Game?

  • date: Monday, July 12
  • Starting time: After the home run derby is over (11:00 pm EST)

As usual, the celebrity softball game will be broadcast after the home run derby on Monday night. The game itself will be played on Sunday afternoon.


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