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Mixed material

As the name of the 2022 Hyundai Venue Denim implies, its exterior and interior are in modern Denim blue. Inside, Hyundai uses blue artificial leather and plastic throughout the interior. The leather-wrapped steering wheel is also treated with denim. The contrasting tan plastic makes the space look more like a yacht club, for better or worse.

The appearance is as good as the modern Venue Denim, and the cheap hard plastic is also obvious. The SE and SEL trim and even the unpadding elbow support is covered with a thin layer of padding, which does not have much effect on comfort. The center armrest is also blue, providing more support during long-distance driving.

The rear seats use the same armrest treatment. The rear passengers must have mediocre legroom, but during our short drive on the Venue Denim, the adult passengers sitting in the back did not complain about being cramped. However, we expect that during long-distance travel, the space will eventually become narrow.

The interior of Venue Denim is expected to become very loud, Especially on rough surfaces or highways. One of our photographers commented that he experienced on the highway that “the wind noise of the blocky shape of the site is very serious, and the engine noise is also very harsh”. However, as long as you use the best Tetris skills, the hatch can hold a considerable amount of equipment.

Technology integration and user-friendliness

As the top version of Hyundai Venue, Denim has an 8.0-inch display larger than the standard. When you try to touch the screen, there is no ledge below to rest your fingers, but you can put your hand on the infotainment device and point with your thumb on the menu. This is particularly useful when navigating standard Apple CarPlay or Android Auto systems.

Otherwise, most of the other controls of the 2022 Hyundai Venue Denim are placed logically; the three-cabin design of the HVAC control device is an exception we noticed during our tenure at Venue. The leftmost pod is the temperature control dial, while the right one controls the fan speed. The center circle does not actually rotate; it just displays the temperature. We reached out again and again for this non-knob, which made us very frustrated.

Internal review: verdict

Convincing Competitors in the compact crossover SUV segment, such as Kia Soul, 2022 Hyundai Venue Denim provides stylish cabins at a lower price. The basic venue starts at only US$18,470, but after including the US$155 floor mat, the suggested retail price of this full-content model is US$23,390. Although we don’t like large pieces of mediocre plastic, the interior of the modern Venue Denim stands out as an attractive and well-assembled environment suitable for fast travel in town. However, because of the barely padded armrests, those looking for a comfortable long-distance cockpit may want to look elsewhere.

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