None of us may see this, but it seems Proton Iriz coming soon with Plastic surgery person The model was accidentally leaked online.This is at Perak State Police A Facebook live video (which has since been deleted) was taken and spot-checked at the Tanjong Malin plant of the national car manufacturer.

Now we are Develop a policy to prevent leakage of private facilities, especially factories. But since this is from a live video that is publicly accessible, we will make an exception.

Although the video quality is not particularly good, some of the updates are actually visually distinguishable. All models of Iriz and Persona have redesigned front bumpers, and Fancy reflector LED headlights previously seen in spy photos It seems to be unique to the premium version.

Other updates to the pair include smoked taillights, although we can’t be sure if Persona will get Rumored LED taillight upgradeEither way, there is no new rear bumper, although Iriz appears to have a red grille and red pinstripe on the lower trim of the rear bumper. On the other hand, Persona 1.6 Premium seems to have a bright black roof this time.

We also saw the new dual six-spoke 16-inch wheels for the first time. This may be offered as standard for 1.6 Executive and Premium models of Iriz and Persona. It looks a few miles longer than the previous 15 inches, don’t you think?

With internal upgrades, things have become more obscure. However, we can recognize the new free-standing touchscreen infotainment display, and Persona no longer has a dual-tone dashboard. Although the pillars and canopy are still beige, they are now all black. Happily, the 1.6 Premium variant will get a beautiful brown leather seat interior for replacement.

As for the mechanical changes, there should not be any updates to the power system, although it remains to be seen whether Proton will replace the existing CVT with a four-speed automatic transmission purchased by Hyundai Saga in a new face. So, what do you think? Excited about the release?

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