Seems almost every New car Today, it is equipped with a 2.0-liter turbocharged four-cylinder engine.Including, starting from the 2022 model year, a new basic version Toyota SupraIt is impressive how much power and efficiency automakers squeeze from the displacement of soda bottles, but not all these small and powerful power units can accomplish their tasks with the same level of success.Including the base version again Toyota Supra.

By now, you may have realized rebirth Same as above Heavily dependent on BMWIn many ways, this is not a bad thing-BMW clearly knows how to assemble a sturdy car. Supra and BMW Z4, Including in-line four- and six-cylinder engines and an eight-speed automatic transmission. This ubiquitous 2.0-liter turbocharged engine version can produce 255 horsepower and 295 pound-feet of torque, enough to provide accelerated entertainment for small cars such as Supra. Toyota It is claimed that it will complete 0-60 in about 5 seconds.

But for a small and lightweight two-seater experience there is more Sports car Accelerate faster than appropriate. Unfortunately, this is where the 2.0 liter drop is a bit flat. Opinions vary on its importance, but the power output of the engine is not suitable for vehicles with Supra sports intentions. The engine makes a strong grunt just a few hundred revolutions after idling, and the power lasts almost seamlessly in the middle of the four-cylinder rev range-this is not surprising, considering that Toyota and BMW say it is between 1,550 and 4,400 rpm Generate peak torque. However, when it winds toward the shift point at around 7,000 rpm, there is no exciting impulse, and there is no exciting hearing in the soundtrack… and there is no clutch pedal, which makes it feel more than in other cases. Invest.

To be clear, any of our doubts about the turbocharged four-cylinder engine will not make the Supra a bad car. It is not. In fact, this is a pretty good one. But, as we wrote after the first few hours of driving the new Supra 2.0 in 2022, “It’s acceptable and it’s still good to drive, but it’s not a miracle of Supra.” In short, for all The fat, exhilarating Supra experience, with an in-line six-cylinder engine of 382 hp and 368 lb-ft, is a more moving and ultimately more ideal choice.

Our argument for the base Supra goes beyond its power unit. One notable subtraction is the 3.0 adaptive suspension, which is replaced by standard fixed springs and dampers. Therefore, while Supra 3.0 owners can choose from three different models, from firm but compliant to prosperity collapse, Supra 2.0 owners are somewhere in between. We found that riding on relatively smooth asphalt was very good, but adding frost heave or potholes to the mixture and things would soon go south. Driving for a long time on rugged roads makes us hope that we can soften something to get a more grand travel experience, which is possible for the more expensive 3.0, but impossible for the entry-level 2.0.

Supra 2.0 also lost the fancy BMW-designed active rear differential. So there is no fancy computer that can monitor the traction of the rear wheels based on everything from speed, engine speed, yaw rate, etc. brake Pressure, throttle application and steering angle, and the power of the left and right wheels cannot be adjusted continuously between 0% and 100%. In normal daily driving, it doesn’t make much sense to lose this fancy rear differential, but owners who really plan to push the car to the limit will miss it. The last four-cylinder concessions worth mentioning are smaller disc brakes, a weaker stereo system, and the switch from electrically adjustable seats to manually adjustable seats.

In addition to mediocre power output, Supra 2.0’s driving performance is very good. The chassis feels very sturdy, and coupled with the rigid suspension and perfect 50/50 weight distribution, Supra has an excellent grip. With good stimulation, even a four-cylinder engine has enough power to break looseness in the rear, but this is a slow way to “circumvent corners”. The steering of the coupe is precise and the weight is right, which makes the car feel like it can slide through corners and decelerate corners, which can make bigger and heavier cars a mess.

Unfortunately, road trips are not as pleasant as those curvy back road pranks. In addition to straight forward, visibility in any direction is not very good, and the low shape feels dangerous next to a large drilling rig.

We also hope that Supra is equipped with something better than BMW’s previous generation iDrive software. In addition to the large number of knobs and buttons required to complete basic tasks and the sometimes confusing menu structure, we ran into problems when pairing the iPhone to use Apple CarPlay, and since Android Auto is not supported at all, well, not Apple The user is just unlucky. At least the screen is well placed and easy to read from the driver’s seat.

Naturally, downgrading a bunch of components and installing a smaller engine means that Supra 2.0 is much cheaper than Supra 3.0. The low-spec Supra is priced at US$43,945, which is US$8,000 cheaper than its US$51,945 sibling model. To be sure, this is a worthwhile saving. Buyers who want the look of a top sports car but don’t care about the top drivetrain and suspension will certainly be satisfied with the overall package. Our test car includes a safety and technology package that adds radar-based cruise control and blind spot monitoring (among other things), 8.8-inch touchscreen navigation and a better JBL stereo system. With this equipment, the sticker has risen to $47,615.

Whether Supra competes with the mechanically similar BMW Z4—or more succinctly, whether potential buyers will cross-buy them—is controversial.But if you do this, you will find a four-cylinder Z4, This is a soft-top convertible, not a hard-top Supra, starting at $50,895. You can also equip the base Z4 with a version of adjustable suspension and a fancy rear differential as part of the dynamic handling package for an additional $2,450, which seems reasonable.

Other competitors are Porsche 718 twins can be in either Crocodile Coupe or boxer Drop down form. Either way, I hope to pay more for the Porsche badge; the Cayman starts at more than $60,000, and the Boxster adds some.Currently, the only other potential Supra competitor is Chevrolet Camaro, Dodge Challenger with Ford Mustang, Each brings a very different muscle characteristics from the light and light Toyota.All this will change once New Nissan Z Official click DealerInterestingly, the Z has 400 horsepower—145 more ponies than Supra 2.0 and even 18 more than Supra 3.0—and an optional six-speed manual transmission. It will also start”Approximately 40,000 USD“It’s about $4,000 cheaper than the basic version of Supra, and $12,000 cheaper than the full-fat six-cylinder version.

When competing with German competitors, both the 2.0 and 3.0 versions of Supra are considered a reasonable deal.Compared with American counterparts, especially compared with upcoming challengers Japan, Well, things don’t look so optimistic anymore. In any case, if we were the ones who spent dough on any Supra, we would dig a little deeper to make sure it had six cylinders under the hood.

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