In 2022, there will be an all-SEC University World Series final duel.

On Saturday morning, when the NCAA was announced, Vanderbilt appeared in the NCAA Baseball Championship for the second time in a row. NC state has been deleted Stand out from the competition due to the increasing number of COVID-19 cases in the team. On Saturday night, Mississippi State University defeated Texas 4-3 and stayed in Omaha.

Commodores (48-16) and Bulldogs (48-17) both have a dominant position on the way to the national championship series.

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Here is what you need to know about the SEC rivalry.

How many NCAA championship titles does each team have?

Since Tim Corbin took over as head coach in 2003, Vanderbilt’s baseball program has reached new heights.

Before Corbin arrived in Nashville, Commodores only participated in three NCAA baseball tournaments. Since then, they have entered the Championship 16 times, including 15 consecutive seasons of active winning streak-excluding 2020, when the regular season ended early and the playoffs were cancelled. Vandy has entered the Omaha and University World Series five times.

Commodores is also the most recent college baseball champion, winning the championship against Michigan in 2019. This is the second time that Corbin’s team has won a national championship. He also led it to the championship in 2014. Wandi was the runner-up in 2015.

Despite maintaining stability in the playoffs, the Bulldogs never won a national baseball championship. Mississippi State University has participated in the NCAA tournament every year for the past five years and has participated 20 times since 1995. Since then, the Bulldogs have participated in the University World Series seven times.

However, their closest to winning was in the 2013 Finals, where they lost to UCLA.

In the past few seasons, the coaching staff has changed many times and there have been four different coaches in the past six years. Chris Lemonis has held this position since 2019. That year, he became the third coach to lead the team to a 50-win season. This year, he joined John Cohen as the only coach to lead the Bulldogs to the finals of the University World Series.


As a school of the US Securities and Exchange Commission, these two enemies have met on many occasions. The Bulldogs took the lead with a score of 71-51-2. However, Vanderbilt won this year’s season series, but won two of the three games in Nashville in late April.

In the first game of the series, Vandy’s right-hander Kumar Rocker went further, and in the 6-2 Commodores victory, he only allowed two runs with 3 hits and 8 strikeouts ( Win once). MSU starter Christian MacLeod only lasted 3 2/3 innings and gave up 4 runs in 4 hits, 4 walks and 7 strikeouts-all won.

In the next game, Mississippi State University defeated Jack Wright, which was the worst start of his career so far. The Bulldogs scored 4 points in 6 hits and 3 walks over 5 innings. Major League Baseball draft prospect Wil Bedner allowed the brigadier to hit three in five innings and three runs in three innings, while struck out eight innings.

Even after starting pitcher Patrick Riley could not escape the first game, Vanderbilt won the rubber game. Rescuers Chris McElvin and Nick Maldonado kept the Bulldogs in one round, while the brigadier general won 7-4 in the middle game.

Top MLB draft prospects

Vanderbilt has the most exciting prospective duo in the sport between Wright and Rockman.

Commodores’ top two pitchers have already played a big role in this year’s University World Series. Rocker has started twice: in Vandy’s first game against Arizona on Sunday and Friday against North Carolina State University, it should have been the decisive game in the semifinals. In a 3-1 victory over the Wolves, he allowed one run and strikeout in six innings.

Wright scored 15 points in eight innings in a 1-0 loss to the Wolves on Monday. He is expected to start the first game of the finals.

Both pitchers are the consensus top 10 draft prospects, and are likely to enter early in the first round of the MLB draft in July.

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The Brigadier General’s lineup includes outfielder Isaiah Thomas, first baseman Dominic Keegan and catcher CJ Rodriguez, who are included in the Top 250 Major League Baseball Pipelines Draft prospects. Maldonado and rescuer Luke Murphy are also on the list.

Bednar is the 36th prospect of MLB Pipeline. The Bulldogs’ ace played against the Longhorns on Saturday to help his team reach the finals. The Bulldogs’ second team, McLeod, is MLB Pipeline’s 82nd best prospect. He performed poorly in the game against Virginia on Tuesday, but ultimately did not make a decision because the Bulldogs sent the Cavaliers to the knockout round.

Outfielder Tanner Allen had an explosive year in the game, averaging 0.382, with 11 home runs and 10 stolen bases. He is the 138th draft prospect of MLB Pipeline.

Right shooter Eric Cerantola (Eric Cerantola) ranked 248th, but struggles at the beginning of the season limited his use. He had a 5.71 ERA in 17 1/3 innings.


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