Carbon fiber wheels Is becoming a hot commodity Sports car, And the reason is obvious: they are light and strong.Now this technology is being applied to SUVs because Bentley Bentayga There will soon be options for braided and molded wheels.

The available wheel diameter is 22 inches, Bentley Said to make them the biggest carbon fiber Wheels in production. You can also rest assured that they are safe for multi-ton SUVs because they have passed strict German TÜV tests and regulations. They fulfilled their promise of lightweight, because each wheel is about 13 pounds lighter than aluminum wheels. This is not only good for performance, but we bet they can also provide a better driving experience.

Bentley also highlighted some other benefits of carbon fiber wheels. Among them is greater rigidity. According to Bentley, aluminum wheels can bend under load, equivalent to a camber angle per G force. Presumably, the reduced bending will help reduce tire wear.We sincerely doubt any Timothy The driver will notice. Oops, we suspect that many car enthusiasts will actually notice. But hey, luxury is not entirely dependent on what you will actually notice.

Really, we suspect that most people who pick up these wheels will do it because they like the exposed carbon fiber appearance. As Bentley also mentioned, it should match the available carbon fiber outer packaging very well. If you want to buy Bentayga with these wheels, they will be available later this year. Pricing has not yet been announced.

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