We are in a blizzard 2022 Honda Civic News, and before a verdict is made on the new Civic Type R, the storm seems to continue—So far, we can really only speculate. But that was another time. For today’s Civic, we finally have more news about the sporty Si: The car body style is making a comeback for the new 11th-generation Civic Si variant.

The specific details surrounding Si—such as what the power system is, how much power it generates, and whether there will be any new techniques—are still very simple.The last Civic Si relies on a smooth 1.5-liter turbocharged four-cylinder engine We only have one main complaint: rev hang During shifts. I hope Honda can solve this problem with a new car. Of course, the one thing we don’t mind continuing to use is the six-speed manual gearbox, which will once again become Si’s only gearbox option.

Honda confirmed that, like the Si models of the 10th generation Civic, the new Si will definitely appear as a sedan. As for the recently announced hatches, We still don’t know whether it will germinate Si variants. (Before the Civic Si sedan joined the Si coupe, but Two Civics no longer exist——It means that this is true for any Si iteration. ) Honda Canada recently announced on Twitter that “there will only be a car (sic) version of Si.” However, when asked whether these plans also apply to the US market, the company said “We cannot comment on the future product releases of the US department. plan.”

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