Rita Moreno It’s been quoted as saying that when it comes to gray hair, it’s all about the cut. The legendary actress proved her point on the 2022 Critics’ Choice Awards red carpet, drawing the spotlight with her signature silver pixie and glowing skin.

Dressed in a well-groomed hairstyle, with a touch of feathery texture aside, Moreno’s chops further enhance the power of her natural tones, especially when paired with petal-like touches or makeup. Moreno, 90, has had many haircuts over the years, from grooming to bowling to more playful pixies. But her most recent iteration is clearly leaning toward elegance — and red carpet-ready.

When Ariana Debos Wins Best Supporting Actress for Revenge of Moreno’s Iconic Role west side storyAnita, who is especially grateful to Moreno — who was also nominated in the category: “You made room for me to thrive around you,” Debos said.

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While the words may be Maria’s, feeling pretty and bright seems to be a requirement for all members west side story ensemble.

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