A sort of A pair of ice white wild horses Not the only treat Ford Participated in the Woodward Dream Cruise.Detroit Motors Paloosa is celebrating originality Ford Mustang This year, Ford adopted the 2022 model Mustang One of the new shows next year colour: Eruption of green metal.Earlier this month, we wrote an article about rumor Next year’s Bronco palette leak, But the leak only mentions 8 of the current 11 colors, and now all 8 colors are available.Ford has admitted that Bronco will get a new color next year, and Mustang Country The forum said that one of them is green.The car manufacturer is disguised as a light green stripe Mustang Fire Fighting Device Concept This year, Filson was created for the production of outdoor clothing. Eruption Green Metallic is the real deal-the wild shades we imagined will appear after the color palette leaks.

Ford claims that this new color is an update of the original Mallard Green provided by Bronco. This is “an evergreen inspiration, yellow highlights, which really connects it with nature.” Another scribe wrote that “the new color has yellow highlights, making it look like a coniferous forest at sunrise”, this sentence The words sounded like they came directly from the host of Woodward’s debut event.

The second color that Ford announced for next year’s Bronco is a chili red metallic clear coat.this The new ranger once offered this color But abandoned Race Red and Rapid Red; now is coming Maverick Provide chili red.A member in Mustang 6G The forum apparently dug up one Images of chili red wild horses Configurator file from Ford, but it lacks the vitality of vivid color tones.

Each Bronco in the series will offer new greens and new reds, which is an enjoyment for buyers of the foundation and Big Bend Bronco who cannot use the entire palette this year. New colors include Area 51, Cactus Grey, Carbonized Grey, Cyber ​​Orange, Iconic Silver, Oxford White, Racing Red, Shadow Black and Speed ​​Blue.

Ford said that Antimatter Blue, Rapid Red Metallic Tinted Clearcoat and Lightning Blue Metallic will disappear in 2022, but Lightning Blue is only available for the first edition, which was sold out a long time ago. The other two colors will remain on the menu until the end of the current model year.

For all Bronco buyers who postpone 2022MY orders to 2022 and configure them truck With Antimatter Blue or Rapid Red, it may be time to call. Or can Ford make you interested in evergreen forests at sunrise?

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