Say hello to cheerful 2022 Ford Ranger Splash pack.Yes, the Splash name is officially back Ranger, As we imagined after seeing the Ford trademark The name earlier this year.Ranger history buffs will remember Ford Provided a splash truck Back in the 1990s, so this 2022 Ranger Splash set is a return to the original version.

Ford also divided this Splash news into two parts. One is the Splash Package itself, but Ford will also provide the “Splash Limited Edition” Rangers throughout the year, which is different from the “Splash Package” that is available throughout the year.

We will first explain the “Splash Package” that lasts a year and remains unchanged. This is the picture you see in this article, so there is no necessary imagination. Just like the original Splash, it’s all about appearance. Ford started with a large black and orange body side graphic. Then, it added orange grille nostrils and bright black decorations to the grille, bumper, mirror cover, wheel lip trim and fender vents. The black contrast paint theme continues to use matte black painted 18-inch wheels.

The interior trim uses orange stitching on the seats, steering wheel, gear lever and parking area brake guide. If you upgrade from XLT to Lariat Splash Package, Ford will add orange stitching on the armrests (front and rear) and the top of the dashboard. Ford’s final interior style is a unique decoration, with a “carbon pattern” appearance and a “tuxedo” stripe running through it.

You will pay an additional $1,495 for the Splash Package, and Ford asks you to share it with FX2 If you want a Splash with more off-road capabilities, please choose the FX4 kit.

As for the aforementioned “Splash Limited Edition”, that is, it has become a little more complicated. Ford said that it will release a new Splash limited edition model “every few months” and provide a one-time limited edition paint option. There are only “hundreds” of each specific Splash limited edition, so as far as Rangers are concerned, they will be relatively rare.

Ford stated that the first Splash Limited Edition will be the Snow Edition, but has not released any photos of the truck. We suspect it will be painted with some new white paint and contrasted with a lot of black tones, because Ford is already teasing “a unique combination of exterior and interior content and finishes.” We will definitely notify you when more detailed information about Snow Edition is released.

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