This 2022 Honda Civic The car’s trunk size is 14.8 cubic feet, which is 0.3 cubic feet smaller than the old model Civic, But it’s still huge for a car labeled “compact.”Actually its trunk size and Mazda 6 And within the spitting distance of most other mid-size cars.It blows away a variety of compact luxury models, including Cadillac CT4 with BMW 2 Series Grand Coupe. At least on paper.

Let’s take a look at how much the actual luggage is.I will also combine it with Honda Accord And other compact cars that I have tested, Mazda 3.

here it is. With large opening and wide rear, it is usually easy to load.

The hinges are egg crushers, but this is the extent to which they move downwards. Many of the mid-size cars I have tested are bigger.

Now, onto the bag. Like every luggage test I do, I used two medium-sized wheeled suitcases (26 inches long, 16 inches wide, 11 inches deep) that need to be checked in at the airport, and two wheeled suitcases (24 length x 15 width x 10 deep), and a smaller roller for easy installation (23 long x 15 wide x 10 deep). I also included my wife’s beautiful overnight bag, just for finishing (21L x 12W x 12D).

First, you can see on the top that the four largest bags can stand in the width direction.This is common in mid-size cars, including The leading Honda AccordBasically, the biggest difference is the depth behind these bags.Basically, there is enough space left meets the Let the little blue bag sit on its belly. In the Civic, it must stand on its side.

Now, all the bags are inside, including the beautiful ones. It is almost full, but there is still a little space left, and it is easier to load than the Mazda3 car trunk, and it also surprisingly swallows all the bags. You can see it on the bottom left.

On the other hand, the remaining space in the Accord (top right) is almost ridiculous. There was actually enough stuff for me to stuff a 38-quart Coleman cooler and a duffel bag.

Basically, this means that the Civic has the trunk of a mid-size sedan, while the Accord has the trunk of a mid-size sedan. A medium truck.


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