along with Civic coupe is leaving, some people hold hope 11th Generation 2022 Honda Civic Hatchback You will get a Si variant. This is supported to a certain extent by American-made hatch covers, because Si is only available on Civics manufactured in North America. Unfortunately, Honda Canada says next Civic will Car only.

The company made a statement on Twitter and Civic Remind us of this postThe company clearly told a promising poster that the sedan will be the only body style that gets Si treatment. We have contacted Honda’s representatives in the United States to ensure that this is not just a quirk of a specific country, and we will update their statement.

This is undoubtedly disappointing for those who want extra practical performance on the budget. This also seems a bit strange, because Honda is touting the coupe-like appearance of the hatchback and the fact that it is equipped with a manual transmission. This seems to be a sport choice. But we are still very happy that we got any type of Si to help bridge the gap between the standard model and the R model (which may still be a hatchback). We are very happy that the hatchback can be equipped with a turbo engine and a manual. Honda also said that before Si will provide the manual, don’t worry that the rest of the sedan series will only provide CVT.

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