There are many sightings of the 2022 Honda HR-V in Malaysia during the Eid al-Fitr period as countries in our region go fully into Eid mode this year. That means many Singapore residents are driving their brand new 2022 HR-Vs to Malaysia to visit their families.

So, when will Malaysians be able to go back and forth to the kampong with the new HR-V? The new Honda HR-V will come to Malaysia sometime in the second half of 2022, but it may not catch up to Hari Raya Haji.

The HR-V was a very important model for Honda Malaysia, pioneering the entry-level SUV segment where rivals like the Proton X50 and X70 and the Toyota Corolla Cross now compete. It is highly likely that Honda Malaysia will launch it here as a locally assembled car just like the outgoing model.

Which version of the 2022 Honda HR-V will we get?

First, we can rule out the Honda HR-V for the U.S. market, as it’s only known as the HR-V there. Globally, this particular SUV will be called the Honda ZR-V, and it sits between the HR-V and CR-V.

This version of the “HR-V” is a larger vehicle, based on the Civic rather than the City, aimed at customers who find the CR-V is getting too big for their needs.

This is the HR-V model we’ll get, as will Singapore, Thailand and Indonesia. Note, however, that there are two different “faces”. On the left is the “normal” face with the horizontal bar on it. The car on the right has the “RS” face, which looks sportier.

Indonesia has two faces – the E and E SE variants with the normally aspirated 1.5-litre engine get the regular face. The sportier “RS” face is reserved for models with the 1.5-liter turbo engine. In Thailand, the RS side is offered, but without the turbo engine – the RS side is paired with the e:HEV hybrid engine there. There are also hybrids with normal face shapes in Thailand.

We think it’s possible that Honda Malaysia could only offer a sportier ‘RS’ face in Malaysia, with a wide range of engine options. After all, the Hybrid City model gets the RS face here, so the HR-V could be the same. For a sporty turbo model, it would be odd not to make the RS look like it. So we could see both the HR-V RS Turbo and the HR-V RS e:HEV on sale here.

But of course this is pure speculation, we’ll see. If only one variant could get the RS Prospect, it could be a hybrid, just like other Honda models. Which face do you prefer – regular face or RS face? We think the RS face will be more suitable for Malaysian taste buds.

Is the 2022 HR-V a bigger SUV now?

The Honda HR-V currently on sale in Malaysia has the following dimensions – 4,346mm long x 1,790mm wide x 1,605mm high, with a wheelbase of 2,610mm.

The dimensions of the 2022 HR-V are as follows: 4,385mm long x 1,790mm wide x 1,590mm high, with a wheelbase of 2,610mm.

Unexpectedly, the new car has the same wheelbase as the outgoing car. It grows mainly in outer length while maintaining the same width.

As can be seen from the side profile comparison above, the front and rear overhangs of the new HR-V are longer than the old ones.

What engine will the 2022 Honda HR-V get in Malaysia?

Globally, the 2022 Honda HR-V is offered with three engine choices. The base engine is a normally aspirated 1.5-liter engine. For those who want more power, there’s a 1.5-liter turbocharged engine. Then there’s the e:HEV Hybrid, for those who use more technology in their cars.

1.5-liter four-cylinder North American engine
– 121 PS at 6,600 rpm
– 145 Nm at 4,300 rpm
– CVT gearbox

1.5-liter four-cylinder turbo engine
– 177 PS at 6,000 rpm
– 240 Nm at 1,700-4,500 rpm
– CVT gearbox

1.5-liter four-cylinder e:HEV hybrid system
– Atkinson cycle
– 105 hp, 127 Nm from engine
– 131 hp, 253 Nm total system output

In the e:HEV hybrid system, the 1.5-liter engine works with two electric motors. The e:HEV system uses the engine as a generator most of the time, using one of the electric motors, which also acts as a starter. The second electric motor is bigger – it drives the front wheels most of the time. At high speeds where the system has calculated that it is more efficient for the four-cylinder engine to drive the wheels directly, the lock-up clutch engages and the engine drives the wheels instead of the electric motor.

It’s unlikely we’ll receive a 1.5-liter naturally aspirated engine here. The upcoming HR-V uses a 1.8-liter engine for its non-hybrid offering – reducing engine size for a naturally aspirated engine in an SUV body is an issue customers receive here (HR-V 1.5 NA vs City 1,250 kg hatch 1,151 kg). As such, we think the 2022 HR-V could be a turbo or hybrid variant only available in Malaysia.

How much will the 2022 Honda HR-V cost?

It’s a hard one to estimate. Below are the prices of the upcoming HR-V currently on sale in Malaysia.

2022 Honda HR-V 1.8 E – RM 104,000.21
2022 Honda HR-V 1.8 SE – RM 105,363.85
2022 Honda HR-V 1.8 V – RM 113,421.92
2022 Honda HR-V 1.5 Hybrid – RM 113,954.82
2022 Honda HR-V 1.8 RS – RM 118,581.81

However, you need to keep in mind that these prices are for the current SST waiver, which is scheduled to end on June 30, 2022. We need to go back a bit to 2019 to get SST pricing, as the new HR-V will most likely include SST pricing. We can see that SST is about 4-5% of the price tag.

2019 Honda HR-V 1.8 E – RM108,800.00
2019 Honda HR-V 1.8 V – RM 118,800.00
2019 Honda HR-V 1.5 Hybrid – RM 120,800.00
2019 Honda HR-V RS – RM 124,800.00

The price of the new HR-V could be a bit higher due to the higher positioning of the engine on offer, skipping the normally aspirated 1.5 if we only get turbo and hybrid.

If you look at the pricing of the new City Hatchback, the e:HEV RS is priced at RM 107,783.09, while the most expensive petrol model is only RM 91,708.51. City Sedan’s e:HEV RS is priced at RM 105,950.45, while the 1.5 V is priced at RM 90,212.36. That’s a considerable premium for a hybrid powertrain – around RM15,000 or about a 17% price premium.

That’s because the new hybrid uses Honda’s new i-MMD system, which is more expensive than the outgoing i-DCD system because it’s more advanced. You are almost driving an electric car with an ICE generator.

If we take the 2019 HR-V 1.8 V’s RM 118,800.00 with the SST price tag as a benchmark and increase it by 17%, the top e:HEV RS model of the new HR-V could cost RM138,000. That’s still cheaper than the last CR-V with SST that started at RM151k, so it’s a real possibility.

Are you eagerly awaiting the launch of the new Honda HR-V? If yes, have you already made a reservation at the dealer? Leave a comment and let us know if the salesperson has any tips on pricing and specs for you!

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