Pasadena, California-in most communities, Porsche To be invisible. Believe me, I know, I have parked them on the streets of Portland.However, when people have money to buy new Porsche, This is a completely different high-priced ball game.They will be noticed and recognized, but don’t expect Oh oh with Ah ah ahYou can afford something like this in a postcode like Pasadena. Instead, the response will boil down to a matter of taste.

If you roll down a solemn street lined with palm trees A 2022 Porsche 911 GT3 painted in shark blue Or the lava orange with gorgeous swan neck wings curved from the back…well, maybe some eyebrows are raised. “What does he want to prove?” It is a clear possibility to be heard in the adjacent open kitchen. On the other hand, maybe you don’t care much about the idea of ​​the barb next door, but prefer a more subtle and tasteful look. Maybe you admit that access to the track is unlikely, so how unnecessary this wing will be. Since that Countach poster was replaced by Farah Fawcett, you may not think the wings look cool.

Any of the above should help explain why 2022 Porsche 911 GT3 with Touring Package exists (aka GT3 Touring). Mechanically, it is identical to GT3, but the gooseneck wing and fixed spoiler underneath are replaced by Carrera’s pop-up spoiler. Then there are some non-functional visual differences: the lower instrument panel uses the same body color instead of black, the windows are decorated with high glass anodized aluminum, the traditional GT3 lettering at the rear has been removed, and the chrome “GT3″ travel” instead of On the hood.

Surprisingly, the interior is not used more for Touring, because the steering wheel, gear selector, center console cover and door panels are covered with black leather instead of Porsche Race-Tex suede material. The center of the seat is also made of cute textured fabric instead of Race-Tex upholstery, regardless of the seat selection (basic four-way sports seat enhanced version, 18-way adaptive sports seat enhanced version or our test car’s fixed recline Full bucket seat). Another key visual difference is the “chain embossed” leather applied to the dashboard and door sills, which no other Porsche has.

Importantly, Touring is more customized compared to the regular GT3, including 14 additional options colour The ordered combination will be available later this year. For those who have already placed an order, the choice is black.

Yes, that’s basically it. In other respects, the tour is just Clark Kent’s Superman vs. GT3-the same guy, different clothes. Its starting price is even exactly the same, at $162,450.Although I have detailed our countless recent upgrades and weight loss GT3 road test review, Here are some highlights.

The engine is a naturally aspirated 4.0-liter six-cylinder engine with a speed of 9,000 rpm and a peak of 502 horsepower at 8,400 rpm. It is actually the same as the one currently used in the old 911 Speedster and GT3 Cup racing cars. Each gearbox is one gear lower than the one you find in Carrera: the seven-speed PDK dual clutch, as we tested in the GT3 before, and the six-speed manual in this GT3 Touring, afterwards All will be listed in California. No suspension components are shared with other 911s: the new double-wishbone front suspension, five-link rear suspension, stiffer springs and the use of ball joints instead of rubber in 2022. The forged aluminum wheels are staggered in size, 20 seconds for the front wheels and 21 seconds for the rear wheels (the old GT3, including the previous Touring model, has 20 wheels in all corners).

Then there is weight reduction: carbon fiber reinforced plastics for various body parts, lightweight window glass, no rear seats, less sound insulation, lithium-ion starters battery, Lighter weight brake Ceramic composite material options, stainless steel exhaust pipe and reduction gear transmission make the weight lighter. Touring obviously lost the wings and fixed spoiler, but as the electric spoiler and interior leather increased, the weight increased again. Porsche stated that the curb weight is exactly the same as the manual, at 3,126 pounds.

This reminds us of aerodynamics. Compared with the previous GT3 wing that was also flaunting, the combination of the gooseneck wing and the fixed spoiler below produced more than 50% downforce. Of course, none of them appeared on Touring. Porsche will not say how much downforce was lost, but it is important. In other words, even though Touring’s pop-up spoiler hardware is borrowed from Carrera, it has only one tilt angle (the tilt angle facing the most downward pressure) and it deploys at a different lower speed (effectively 49 mph) To 56 mph). The rest of the GT3 aerodynamics package is shared with Touring, including the front splitter, hood vents, fully panelled bottom and a greatly improved rear diffuser. In general, the downforce of the GT3 Touring is twice that of the previous Touring, which is indeed much higher than that of other 911 models.

But here is an important question: can you really tell the difference between winged and unwinged? Simply put, no.Even on sensational public roads like the famous Mount Angeles Highway, or those everywhere Malibu, I might as well have been driving the same brilliant car. The two GT3s share the same lightweight, ballet-like feel, super-eager steering and shocking agility brought by standard rear-wheel steering. Whether driving at a moderate speed on a narrow technical road or in a series of situations where the speed is fast enough, when looking at the speedometer is just a bad idea, they all have the same instinct and ability to communicate.

Basically, if you plan to bring your GT3 to the track, where it really means life, then the wings are an important part of the package. If not, don’t worry. Stay elegant and go travel.

Indeed, the more obvious difference between the GT3 models we tested is the gearbox. Although the standard model has PDK (now available on Touring, different from the previous version), this Touring has a six-speed manual transmission, including a mechanical rear differential lock and Auto Blip automatic speed matching downshift function. Of course, this is a slower way of shifting gears, but it gives you full control over your physical activity and the noise you hear is more interesting. Although PDK is very happy to upshift to fifth or sixth, you are free to leave it in third or fourth and listen to the various orchestral tones of the naturally aspirated six-cylinder from 5,000 to 9,200 rpm.

Driving couldn’t be easier. After a short distance, the stubby knob will snap into each gear precisely, and since there are only six ratios, you never have to worry about the strange seven to six downshifts of other 911s. However, like those, the GT3 still has a dual-mass flywheel, which has made the 911’s clutch action both good and easy since it was introduced for the previous generation 991.2. In fact, I drove GT3 Touring extensively in stop-and-go traffic in laborious Los Angeles, and my left leg didn’t feel like I spent an hour working on Solo-Flex.

Unfortunately, this is how much I admire GT3 Touring as a practical means of travel. Steering or shifting gears may not be tiresome, but the rest of the package may get old. Every 911 is prone to higher road noise, but with the noise insulation removed and more aggressive rubber installed, some roads in the high desert of California made me want to wear earplugs. Although the damping of riding is large enough, it will not make you violently hit every bump or expansion joint, The 718 Boxster GTS I drove the day before It is a very comfortable car.

I would also skip the fixed-tilt Full Bucket seats in the GT3 Touring-they provide amazing support and comfort on the track, but after two hours of riding, their limited adjustability becomes very old. Specifically, the lack of front-end height adjustment caused most of my leg weight to fall on the heel and ankle. Change to purchase Adaptive Sport Seats Plus.

So rest assured, GT3 Touring may have its wings removed, but it will not be destroyed-for better or worse.If you want the ultimate 911 to start the local winding roads, not towing On the track, it will effectively provide exactly the same functions and experience while looking more elegant.

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