Proton recently gave Iritz and people They had a second facelift earlier this month, and both benefited from styling updates and equipment changes. The national automaker’s B-segment models also have a more streamlined variant lineup this time, especially the Iriz has received a new Active option inspired by SUVs.

These revisions are accompanied by a price increase from RM1,100 to RM4,100, depending on the model and the selected variant, but there is more to be added.Looking at Proton’s latest maintenance plan, we found that the maintenance costs of these two models are higher than theirs. 2019 year senior.

Therefore, we compiled official maintenance costs for Iriz and Persona in 2022 and 2019 to determine why this happens. For the sake of price parity, we only compare variants equipped with a 1.6-liter VVT DOHC engine and a CVT. The latter is now the only available transmission for these two models.

Given that the two cars are mechanically the same, the maintenance costs for the duo in 2019 will be the same, and the same will be true in 2022. However, as you can see in the prepared table, the maintenance cost of the 2022 model for five years or 100,000 kilometers is RM3,583.17, which is higher than the 2019 model of RM3,051.80.

Looking at the itemized list, we found that 2022 models need to replace the N95 cabin filter every 20,000 kilometers.This is nothing new, as Proton previously Last July All of its cars will be equipped with N95 cabin filters as standard, so the first batch of modified models were available at that time.

But when we report maintenance costs 2019 people (Expanded to Iriz), there was no mandatory requirement to replace the cabin filter in the maintenance plan at that time. The 2022 model needs to be replaced five times within five years, so the total cost of the N95 cabin filter is 295 ringgit, excluding labor, which accounts for most of the total cost increase.

Proton Iriz/Persona service schedule in 2022 (top), Iriz/Persona in 2019 (bottom); click to enlarge

It should also be noted that the Proton service center usually recommends regular replacement of the air-conditioning filter, even for the 2019 model (although not mandatory), but in fact, the difference here is not as big as it seems at first.

Another difference observed is that the radiator coolant needs to be changed more frequently for the 2022 model, as it is now replaced every 30,000 kilometers instead of every 90,000 kilometers for the 2019 model-this is a wise change. These two more frequent service items and their labor costs constitute the main difference between 2022 and 2019 model maintenance costs, everything else is the same or only an increase of a penny.

Of course, although the maintenance cost of the 2022 model may be 531.37 ringgit higher in five years compared to the 2019 model, it will only be about 106 ringgit more per year during this period. Remember, in addition to preventive maintenance costs, factors such as fuel consumption will also affect your personal cost of ownership. At the same time, with the increase in wheel size (Executive and Premium versions from 15 inches to 16 inches), the cost of consumables such as tires will be higher than before, in addition to other things such as brake pads, shock absorbers and​ ​Battery.

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