New arrival Zero motorcycle It is a 2022 Zero 7.2 FXE electric motorcycle (electric bike). The shape and pricing of the super motorcycle starts at USD 11,795 (RM49,546). FXE was designed in cooperation with Huge Design SF, an industrial design company headquartered in San Francisco. The company creates everything from consumer electronics to GoPro and strollers. FXE is the current model 7.2 FXS replaced by it. developing.

FXE is equipped with an air-cooled Z-Force 75-5 brushless motor, which can generate 46 hp equivalent of power and 106 Nm torque at 4,300 rpm. The top speed is limited to 137 km/h, and the continuous effective speed is 121 km/h. It is said that it can reach 165 km in city riding mode, and it drops to 97 km at 90 km/h when riding on the highway.

Electricity is stored in a Z-Force lithium-ion battery pack with a rated capacity of 7.2 kWh, with a nominal capacity of 6.3 kWh. The charging time using the standard 650W built-in charger requires 9.7 hours, and it is fully charged with 110 or 220 volts household current, and the time to add an accessory charger will be reduced to 4.1 hours, and using the maximum number of accessory chargers will reduce it to 1.8 hours.

The frame motor directly drives the rear wheels through a Poly Chain ribbon with a 90/18 sprocket ratio. Zero Motorcycles said FXE is equivalent to 0.44 liters of fuel economy per 100 kilometers in city riding, and 1.10 liters per 100 kilometers in highway mode.

Showa provides a 41mm inverted front fork for the front suspension, which is fully adjustable, while the rear end of the FXE is supported by Showa single shock absorber, with a backpack-type water tank, which is also fully adjustable. Braking is done by J Juan, front and rear single hydraulic discs, Bosch Gen 9 dual-channel ABS is standard.


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