2023 Nissan Z is becoming a compelling Sports car value.We learned yesterday Z starts at approximately US$40,000, Put it on Subaru BRZ with Toyota Supra 3.0, but provides more powerful features than both. Nissan has also streamlined the interior for 2023, narrowing the scope to two: sports and performance. This is what you can expect from everyone.

No matter which decoration you choose, you will get something important-a 400-horsepower twin-turbocharged V6 engine, which is the core of the new Z.This is good news because Toyota Saddle Same as above With a four-cylinder, we Found something lacking, And it is still $4,000 more than the base Z (to get the full six cylinders, you must pay at least $12,000 more).

However, the difference between Z Sport and Z Performance cannot be ignored, and we can see a compelling reason to leap to a higher level. For example, both interiors are equipped with a 6-speed manual transmission as standard, but only Performance has downshift speed matching and start control. Perhaps most importantly, only Performance has a clutch-type limited-slip differential as standard.

Even if you choose the optional 9-speed automatic transmission, the top grade will bring you some benefits.Both trims have paddle shifters, but only Performance has aluminum. Nissan says it’s the same as those from GT-R.

Under the smooth new sheet metal, both grades are equipped with newly adjusted aluminum double wishbone suspensions and upgraded large-diameter single-tube shock absorbers. 370Z predecessor. However, Performance is “sports tuned”. Although Nissan did not specify what this means, we think it is a stiffer spring and motion damper.

The four corners of the sports model are equipped with standard 18×9-inch dark gray alloy, and each corner is wrapped with Yokohama Advan Sport high-performance 248/45-R18 tires. Behind them, fixed cast iron 2-piston calipers are located on the front 12.6 x 1.10 inch rotor, and single-piston calipers are located on the rear 12.1 x 0.63 inch rotor.

On the other hand, the Performance model uses the well-known Japanese race and Aftermarket Supplier Rays Wheels, 19×9.5 inches at the front and 19×10 inches at the rear. They are wrapped in Bridgestone Potenza S007 high-performance tires, the sizes are 255/40-R19 and 275/35-R19 respectively. The top decoration is also equipped with the front aluminum floating 4-cylinder calipers, painted in red, and matched with larger 14.0 x 1.26 inch brake discs.The rear caliper has 2 Each basin is matched with a 13.8 x 0.79 inch disc.

The appearance has changed very little, Performance adds heated door mirrors, front chin spoiler and elegant rear deck lip spoiler. Sport is equipped with chrome exhaust pipes, while Performance is equipped with a sports muffler. On the other hand, the cabin is where you can find more important upgrades.

You will notice the upgraded seat on Performance (top left) on the back, not just the suede inserts and leather accessories. Nissan said that these seats have a unique design of cushions and side cushions, which will probably allow you to stay comfortable when using what the company says is a 13% increase in turning ability compared to the old 370Z.

The performance also adds a heated seat and 8-way electric adjustment on the driver’s side, and 4-way electric adjustment on the passenger side. However, we may prefer Sport’s plain cloth seats, because these weight accumulation functions are not important to performance. Sadly, if you want sportier hardware, you must also get heavier seats. Some small interior details complete the performance upgrade, including aluminum trim pedals, suede door panel inserts, and, strangely, a wet glove box cover.

Finally, the infotainment system has obvious bulges in the higher decoration. Sports models are equipped with an 8.0-inch center console touch screen, while performance models are as high as 9.0. Similarly, when you choose Performance, the standard 6-speaker Nissan audio system gives way to the Bose 8 speaker system with active noise reduction and sound enhancement. Fortunately, Bluetooth, Sirius XM, Apple CarPlay and Android Auto are standard configurations for all decorations.

Similarly, both decorations have all modern safety features, such as intelligent cruise control, automatic emergency brake With pedestrian detection and forward collision warning, blind movement and land departure warning, and rear intersection warning. Only Performance models can get HomeLink, wifi hotspot and NissanConnect services.

In addition, Nissan has introduced 240 special edition Proto Spec models based on Performance decoration. As a tribute to the Z Proto concept, these will be equipped with yellow brake calipers with the Z logo, bronze Rays 19-inch wheels, yellow trim on the seats and yellow stitching throughout the interior, as well as a dedicated shift knob for manual transmission. -Equipped car.

In short, we want everything on the outside of the performance package—differentials, sports suspension, brakes, and wheels—but there can be nothing inside. On the other hand, if you plan to use your new Z to enter the aftermarket in large quantities, and we suspect that many car owners will do so, then Sport may be a more ideal choice. Nissan has not announced the pricing of Performance or Proto Spec cars. As the spring 2022 sales date approaches, we will learn more.

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