The slow drip of new information Electric SUV From Honda with Acura The brand continues to use the latest news from the information faucet: large-capacity Honda models will use the Prologue name.

2024 Honda Prologue will come out in 2024, and its name symbolizes its role as a pioneer in a series of new high-capacity batteries. electric car From a Japanese brand.This includes Luxury high performance SUV Acura is also scheduled to go on sale in 2024. The name of Acura has not yet been announced.

Call the general manager

The purpose of all these sharing is to create scale, thereby reducing the cost of various electric vehicle components (including batteries) for General Motors and Honda. Joint development also means sharing costs. Honda and Acura SUVs will be produced at a General Motors plant in North America, which is dedicated to the production of electric vehicles. This should further decentralize and reduce manufacturing costs.According to rumors, Prologue will be produced at GM’s Ramos Arizpe plant in Mexico, while Acura EV will be produced at GM’s Spring Hill plant in Tennessee, which is currently being modified to produce electric vehicles such as Cadillac Lyriq.

The same bones, different appearances

Despite sharing many mechanical parts, electric vehicles from General Motors and Honda look very different. The styling of the body and interior of these vehicles will come from the respective design studios of each car manufacturer. We were told that the upcoming Honda Prologue was designed in Honda’s Los Angeles design studio to meet the expectations of North American customers.

There are few details about these upcoming Honda and Acura electric SUVs that will focus on North America. Both can be larger three-row family utility vehicles specifically for the North American market, or both can be smaller models designed to enter multiple markets. Gardner only pointed out that Prologue’s design is very competitive and has the functions needed to meet different needs.

Expected annual sales will be between Honda Passport mid-size SUV, Of which 22,000 units have been sold in the United States by May 2022, and Three-row Honda Pilot SUVAmong them, Honda sold 62,000 such models in the first five months of this year. The design of Honda and Acura models are loyal to the genes of each brand: Honda’s mainstream, Acura’s performance.

Honda plans to build its own electric cars and batteries

Honda Prologue and its unnamed Acura counterpart will use GM’s flexible EV architecture, but Honda plans to launch a new series of EV models based on its own upcoming “e: Architecture” in the second half of the 20th century.

In order to make a profit, Honda knows that it also needs to manufacture its own batteries in North America. Gardner said: “Other markets around the world have a stronger battery production industry, and this must be achieved in North America to achieve the production target that everyone wants to achieve.” He declined to provide a timetable.

Honda is conducting its own independent research on solid-state batteries. The industry is looking for solid-state batteries because the technology can provide greater driving range and reduce costs. Honda will have a “demonstration line” to begin testing this technology this fiscal year, as its goal is to launch solid-state batteries by the end of this decade.

Honda’s electric car history

Gardner admits that Honda may be the leader of efficient internal combustion engine vehicles (its history of electric vehicles can be traced back decades), but in recent years the automaker has not been regarded as the leader of electric vehicles.

Honda’s new global electric vehicle goals

Now, the automaker is catching up with Honda’s CEO Toshihiro Mibe’s pledge to achieve carbon neutrality by 2050. In major markets including North America, the goal is for BEV or fuel cell electric vehicles to account for 40% of sales by 2030; 80% by 2035; and 100% by 2040.

Gardner will not disclose how much Honda has invested in electric vehicles, only that R&D spending in the next six years will be 10% higher than in previous years.

In the near term, Honda’s strategy is to introduce a higher proportion of gasoline-electric hybrid vehicles in its model portfolio.

“We know that people who have a good experience with hybrid vehicles may buy BEVs,” Gardner said. Producing more hybrid vehicles in North America will help Honda prepare for future production of electric vehicles.Currently, Honda has made meets the, CR-V, with Insight If Honda joins the electric pickup boom, Gardner’s hybrid vehicles in the United States will not share electric motors and battery packs Ridgeline pickup.

Work on fuel cells and self-driving cars continues

Honda’s larger electric vehicle strategy includes continuing to cooperate with General Motors on the development of fuel cells. Since 2018, Honda has also been cooperating with General Motors and its self-driving car brand Cruise. Cruise is preparing to launch Cruise Origin Robot TaxiThe Japanese automaker will use Origin’s skeleton for its self-driving car, and its body and interior will be designed by Honda.

Honda also announced a joint venture with Hitachi to produce electric motors. Some Honda and Hitachi suppliers have merged to develop components for electric vehicles and autonomous vehicles. In China, Honda has formed an alliance with Chinese battery manufacturer Ningde Times, and the first batch of Ningde Times batteries will be put on electric vehicles in the Chinese market next year.

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