Honda Today revealed some small pieces of information about its future electric vehicles to let more people know Partnership between it and General Motors on Electric car technology. The big news is that Honda’s first new electric car produced in this cooperation will be called Prologue, and it will be an SUV produced for the 2024 model year.

Honda’s “Preface” logo appeared along with this news, along with some other details about the car itself.On the obvious side, Honda said the prologue will continue GM’s global electric vehicle platform And use GM’s Ultium battery technologyThe company also promised that “the versatility and mileage are comparable to our current rugged SUV lineup.”

Dave Gardner, Executive Vice President of Honda America, said: “Our first batch of Honda BEVs will begin our transition to electrification. The name Honda Preface marks the role it will play in achieving our zero-emissions future.” “Prologue We will provide our customers with a battery-electric SUV with the excellent features and packaging they expect from Honda.”

However, it’s not just Honda that will join them.An electric Acura The SUV was also announced today.Just like Honda, it will use General MotorsElectric vehicle platform. There is no promise for Acura’s model year, but Honda claims that it will be announced in the “2024 calendar year.”

Any details you see here are kept confidential by Honda. We were told that we hope to release more “specific details” in the coming months. Basically, it is expected that the information about Prologue will slowly drip until Honda finally shares all the information about the SUV.

Looking to the future, Honda promised to launch an electric car based on an internally developed electric car platform sometime in the second half of this century. Currently, it calls this future platform “e:Architecture”. In the end, Honda promised its 100% car sales In North America Will be fully electrified by 2040. Prologue is the brand’s first step towards this ambitious goal.

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