Try to list all the reasons we turn to Korea for inspiration and stock up The best skin care products in Korea from major brands such as Amorepacific, Belif, Cosrxand PhD. Gart+ Maximizing the benefits of our daily lives, we may stay here until tomorrow. “Koreans are serious about their skin care,” said Charlotte Cho, co-founder of Soko Glam, an online retailer specializing in Korean beauty products, who also recently owns her own brand, Then I Met You. “They also know what they want, like innovation, gentle ingredients, pleasing packaging, and they definitely don’t want to pay a high price for it,” she adds.

Not surprisingly, some of our favorite Native American brands — like Then I met you, peach lilyand Glow formula — Naturally inspired by Korean innovations, usually developed and manufactured in the heart of Seoul. Liah Yoo, founder of KraveBeauty, previously stated that the Korean skincare philosophy has always been based on pure hydration and respect for the skin barrier. lure.

Even Korean acne treatments are gentle in nature and tend to have moisturizing, calming ingredients.To name a few, there are niacinamide, green tea, hyaluronic acid and Gotto Cola (aka cica), Y. Claire Chang, MD, a board-certified dermatologist at Union Square Dermatology in New York City, previously told lure.

In other words, Korean brands have long been raising the bar in the global skincare industry—and let’s be honest, so are our personal standards. Our skin (and the state of our pores) have been changed forever by double cleansing, and Korea’s sunscreen formula is basically second to none.

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