Long live! It’s time for a summer reading list and summer reading plan. If you’re looking for great books for kids entering second grade, these books will keep your second graders reading all summer long, developing and practicing their reading skills with great books.

As you know, the more children read, the more vocabulary they learn and the better their comprehension. (Except for learning differences.)

So whether you’re participating in a summer reading program, or just reading on your own, you’ll find great summer reads on this list. From fun to fantasy, there is a book (or five) for every interest.

These books are for children 7 or 8 years old Who is Enter second grade. For all my book recommendations with reviews, visit Best Books for 7-Year-Olds.

Do you know how to tell if a book is appropriate? Do the five-finger test.

If you specifically need books that are harder than 2nd grade, visit my 3rd Grade Summer Reading List. If you need a simpler book, go to my 1st Grade Summer Reading ListRemember, it’s good for kids to read just the right books, but so are easy books and challenging books.

Download the free summer reading pack so your kids can set goals and track what they read.

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2nd Grade Summer Reading List (Ages 7-8)

If your readers love graphic novels, try these options:

If your second grade reader likes interesting Books they’ll love:

If your second grader likes Magic and mythical creaturesthey will like:

If your sophomore likes Adventure storythey will like:

If your second grade reader likes mysterythey will like:

If your sophomore likes actual Story, try:

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