Virtual reality is should be This The next big thing goes back to 2016, when the original Oculus Rift and HTC Vive were launched. The age of technology has finally arrived. Or we think so. It turns out that VR is still a bit too expensive and may be too remote to take over the gaming world as Oculus and HTC hoped. But this is still interesting. Nowadays, there are more games to play and more headsets to choose from.Choosing the right game is important, but you should remember that almost all VR games are multi-platform, so your real choice is not between Oculus or Vive, but between the two Chained or wireless.

Tethered VR or wireless VR?

Tethered VR provides you with more graphic details because you are connected to the PC. The disadvantage is you, um, Connect to computer. Cables are awkward to handle. This is an inevitable fact, especially when you can’t really see them. You may also trip over them at some point.However, if you are looking for absolutely top-notch details and you have already paid for it Great gaming computer or laptop, Then you will want to be chained.

For most people, including me, wireless VR is a better choice. It is more comfortable, you don’t have to worry about getting entangled in your own cables, and it’s completely portable. You can take this VR headset to any room in your home without dragging your computer.In addition, for Oculus Quest 2, you were able If you want extra graphics processing power, plug it into your PC. Below, we will introduce these two headsets. Take a look.

Update June 2022: Due to lack of support and expectations New version of PS5.

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