Three former administrators and a current faculty and staff have filed a lawsuit against the University of Montana, accusing them of gender discrimination. Associated Press Report. The women said that the university operates like a “good boy club” and specifically pointed to President Seth Bodner, who said she created a campus where women were degraded. Bodner came to this university in 2018 and previously served as an executive at General Electric Company, taught economics at West Point Military Academy, and served in the U.S. Army Special Forces.

One of them, Catherine Cole (Catherine Cole) also started in 2018 as the vice president of university admissions management and strategic communications. According to court documents, her initial salary was 170,000 U.S. dollars, which was the lowest among the vice presidents of the university. According to the lawsuit, Cole said that while in college, Bodner “micro-managed, constantly changed and changed her goals and job responsibilities, and set unreasonable expectations.” He also commented on her behavior and appearance, told her that she was sometimes moody, asked her to smile, criticized her tone and commented on her weight. She left university in 2020 because she faced “unprofessional toxicity and discrimination”.

The university and the University of Montana system issued statements denying these allegations.

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