When you have big inches, you also have a major choice in terms of hair. Maybe you like single hair cut to give your hair a certain volume. Or maybe you like a seal that goes well with your ringlet.If you are willing to pay, you might even want Add some super long extensions Just for extra.

Hairstyle storyStylist based in New York Wes Sharpton Long hair is versatile. “If you like to style your hair, long hair is a great choice for you to change your appearance,” he pointed out. No matter what you want to do with long hair, there is always a perfect cut waiting for you to discover; but since there are so many options, a little guidance is helpful.

The first thing: planning is the key. “Pull out the image talking to you,” Sharpton said. “Of course, they may not be what you want, but they will give your hair stylist the overall vibe you want to achieve.” You want the haircut itself to be tailored for you, as well as the texture and density that best suits you. Create an image folder on your phone or put the Pinterest board together and have it ready on the day of your consultation, so you can talk directly with your hair stylist. “Preparing reference materials makes it easier for everyone,” Sharpton added.

In order to make the process smoother, please continue to read celebrities’ inspirations and professional tips. Here, some of our favorite long strand cuts-and how to get them.

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